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5 major highlights from Microsoft Build 2023 that can’t be missed, Bing is the new default Search in ChatGPT



Microsoft Build

Microsoft Build announces Windows 11 will now have AI Copilot, Bing to be integrated in ChatGPT, inclusion of plugins in 365 Copilot and more.

Introducing the Windows 11 AI Copilot

Microsoft plans to add Copilot, an AI personal assistant, to Windows 11. The company has already incorporated this clever assistant into its Edge browser, Office programme, and GitHub service. Microsoft Build revealed Copilot will place itself in the taskbar in Windows 11, providing easy access. Users can request text summarization, rewriting assistance, and text explanations within any programme they are using by clicking on it to open the Copilot sidebar. Additionally, users can use the Copilot to easily change their computer’s settings. Microsoft intends to provide this functionality for wider user adoption after conducting public testing beginning next month.

Microsoft Build unveiled some more Windows 11 upgrades

Additionally, Windows 11 will get a number of noteworthy upgrades. One of these is Bluetooth LE capability, which allows for high-quality music playback without dramatically reducing the battery life of the gadget. Additionally, Microsoft is adding support for an additional 10 languages and dialects to its live captioning function, which offers real-time audio transcriptions.
Additionally, Windows 11 will include native RGB controls that will improve colour management for users.

Microsoft Build has highlighted important innovations with a strong AI focus that promise improved user experiences and higher efficiency across its applications and services. The addition of the AI Copilot to Windows 11 and the many updates show Microsoft’s dedication to utilising cutting-edge technologies to provide its consumers with cutting-edge solutions.

Microsoft 365 Copilot will now support the Plug-ins

Microsoft Build announces the addition of plugins in 365 Copilot. Three different categories of plug-ins, viz, Teams messaging extensions, Power Platform connectors, and Products utilising ChatGPT technology, will now be supported by the AI assistant. Additionally, you’ll get access to dozens of third-party plug-ins, including those made by Atlassian and Adobe.

Additionally, Microsoft claims that it will apply the same standard for all Copilot and Bing Chat plug-ins that OpenAI does for ChatGPT. This makes it possible to utilise the same plug-ins across all three AI-powered applications, and it also makes it simpler for developers to make them.

Microsoft Edge will soon come with a 365 Copilot integration.

Microsoft is introducing a groundbreaking feature called 365 Copilot to enhance the functionality of Edge. This innovative tool, residing in the browser’s sidebar, harnesses the power of the content you’re browsing to assist you in your projects across various Microsoft 365 applications.

It helps you to compose an email, put data into a spreadsheet, generate status updates from chat conversations, or tackle other tasks thereby streamlining your workflow seamlessly. Moreover, the forthcoming plug-ins accompanying 365 Copilot will further amplify its capabilities, making it an indispensable asset for Microsoft users.

ChatGPT will integrate Bing as a default search browser– The peak highlight of Microsoft Build

In a strategic move following Microsoft’s large investment in OpenAI, ChatGPT, the famous chatbot created by OpenAI, has been set to use Bing as its default search engine. This choice shows the two tech-giants joint efforts and promises to improve ChatGPT Plus customers’ search results. As a result, starting today, ChatGPT will seamlessly include Bing’s search capabilities, providing users with access to a wealth of useful data and services.

Microsoft’s focus to provide a thorough and effective search experience is reiterated by its support of OpenAI and the subsequent integration of Bing into ChatGPT. Users can anticipate having access to a more powerful and dependable search engine by combining the strengths and resources of OpenAI with Bing.

The inclusion of Bing citations in ChatGPT’s comments is one noteworthy aspect of this integration. Users of ChatGPT Plus will now have access to more supplementary data to enliven their conversations and make more informed decisions thanks to the seamless integration of Bing’s search results. These citations, which are supported by Bing’s comprehensive knowledge base, are useful resources that aid users in fact-checking, researching related subjects, and learning more about particular subject areas.

Additionally, this partnership goes beyond simply using Bing as a search engine. By introducing plug-ins from a variety of well-known services, Microsoft has been actively growing the ecosystem of Bing. The list now includes well-known websites like Expedia, Instacart, Kayak, Klarna, Redfin, TripAdvisor, Zillow, and more. Previously, Microsoft had announced plug-ins from OpenTable and WolframAlpha. By giving users direct access to specialised information and services, these plug-ins turn Bing into a one-stop shop for a variety of need.

Windows Terminal gets an AI upgrade.

Windows Terminal receives a significant boost with an advanced AI integration. By teaming up with GitHub Copilot, Windows Terminal now incorporates an AI-powered chatbot. This integration empowers developers to seamlessly leverage the chatbot’s capabilities within the Terminal itself, enabling them to perform various actions, receive code recommendations, and gain insights into error explanations. Microsoft is also actively exploring the possibility of extending the integration to other essential developer tools such as WinDBG, further enhancing the development experience.

In addition to the aforementioned integration, Microsoft has unveiled other noteworthy updates tailored towards developers. Among them is the introduction of the Dev Home dashboard, a user-friendly tool designed to streamline the setup and utilization of Windows development machines. Furthermore, Microsoft is revolutionizing the app review process in the Microsoft Store by introducing AI-generated app review summaries, enabling users to make more informed decisions. To emphasize the importance of AI in the Windows ecosystem, Microsoft has also introduced the AI Hub, which serves as a dedicated platform to showcase Windows applications that leverage AI technology.


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