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A multiplayer board game version of Wordle is coming later this year.



The New York Times is collaborating with Hasbro to move Wordle from the digital to the physical world.

Wordle, the popular online puzzle game, is being turned into a multiplayer board game. The New York Times, which acquired Wordle earlier this year, is collaborating with Hasbro to move Wordle from the digital to the physical world as Wordle: The Party Game later this year.

Wordle sprang to fame in part because, at least for a short time, it appeared like everyone was posting their game results on Twitter. But actually completing Wordle’s puzzle is typically a solitary endeavour. However, in Wordle: The Party Game, it is transformed into a group activity.

One player comes up with a five-letter word that the other players must attempt to guess before moving on. The word-thinker will slide translucent yellow and green tiles over the correct letters once users have made their guesses. You’ll make your guesses with dry-erase markers on miniature dry-erase boards, so whenever a round is finished, you can simply wipe the boards clean and start over.

This Hasbro video might give you a sense of how everything in the physical game will function.

Love Wordle? Gather friends and family together to enjoy the favorite word-guessing game in real life with Wordle: The Party Game! Available for pre-order now on #HasbroPulse!

— Hasbro Pulse (@HasbroPulse) July 14, 2022

Wordle: The Party Game seems like it could be difficult to play in person, in my opinion. It could become boring to have to arrange the tiles over letters after each guess. But I’m sure it feels very good to guess a word before your pals who are seated around the table. Isn’t it part of the reason we were all boasting about Wordle’s achievements on Twitter in the first place?

Wordle: The Party Game will be released in North America in October, and you can preorder it now for $19.99. The game’s website states that it will be released on October 1st, although it should be noted that this is an estimate that is subject to change.

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