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Amazon’s goal to be your ultimate destination for Business Supplies.




Now directly handle company purchases through Amazon. 

Amazon Business, the B2B arm of Amazon, has been growing rapidly since its launch in 2015. Amazon Business is an online marketplace that offers a range of purchasing solutions for businesses of all sizes. It serves millions of customers across industries, from small businesses to large enterprises, and has now announced direct offerings and a wide range of products such as office supplies, industrial equipment, and healthcare products for business organizations.

Apart from direct purchases, Amazon Business also offers features such as multi-user accounts, approval workflows, and integration with procurement systems. This makes it easier for businesses to manage their purchases and expenses, especially for organizations with multiple departments and locations.

With the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating the shift to online shopping, Amazon Business has seen a surge in demand for its services. In 2020, the company’s global sales reached $25 billion, up from $10 billion in 2018. The pandemic has also prompted Amazon Business to expand its offerings, such as launching a COVID-19 supplies store to help businesses and organizations procure PPE and other essential items.

With Amazon Business, companies can now directly handle their purchases and streamline their procurement processes. The platform offers various features such as business pricing, quantity discounts, and customized purchasing approval workflows. Additionally, it provides access to millions of products from multiple categories, including office supplies, IT equipment, and industrial supplies.

In addition to its core business, Amazon Business is also exploring new areas such as healthcare, where it is building a marketplace for medical supplies and devices. The company is also expanding its footprint in Europe, where it faces competition from local players such as Germany’s Metro AG and UK-based Bunzl.

Even as it engages in deeper cloud offerings and experiments with artificial intelligence (among others), Amazon says it intends to remain your company’s go-to supplier for all things business-related. 

Amazon laid off more than 27,000 workers, causing many businesses to rely on online vendors for office supplies. In a sign of Amazon’s resilience, the company announced plans to expand its services. In Europe, the company’s gross sales grew significantly during the pandemic. The company appears to be making its most impactful move in terms of office supplies here. 

Office supplies can be directly purchased

Alexandre Gagnon, Amazon Business Vice President, said the division is spending on logistics to accommodate larger orders, such as desks, chairs, and printers, associated with company purchases. 

Under the program, you will also be able to purchase smaller consumables such as inks, toners, paper, staples, and more. 

Moreover, Gagnon explained that due to fulfillment economics being more advantageous with large orders, bulk-buying discounts are most likely to occur. 

In order to optimize its cost efficiency, company has already announced plans to reduce its expenditures on physical stores. The so-called 4-star shops that the company created late in 2018 to highlight products “rated 4 stars and above, is a top seller or is new and trending on” as well as bookstores and pop-up stores in the US and the UK are all scheduled to close. 

In 2016, Amazon Business launched in Germany, and in later years it expanded to other European countries such as the UK, France, Spain, and Italy. 

Upon TechRadar Pro’s inquiry about further details, Amazon Business stated that the news was only part of a discussion with Reuters during Amazon Business Exchange 2023, and that “there was nothing further to add.”  


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