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Apple files five new patents for its upcoming most expensive upcoming flagship product and it’s not the Vision Pro.



Apple Car
Apple car

Apple may enter into the automotive industry with its innovative speaker system for its most expensive Apple Car

Apple’s highly anticipated venture into the automotive industry with the Apple Car has been shrouded in uncertainty, despite initial speculations pointing towards a 2024 debut. While whispers and leaks about Apple’s foray into electric vehicles persist, concrete evidence remains elusive. The ambitious project has encountered numerous obstacles along the way, prompting significant restructuring within the team dedicated to the development of the Apple Car.

Amidst the ongoing swirl of rumors, AppleInsider recently released a report suggesting that Apple has submitted five fresh patent applications pertaining to in-car audio systems. Interestingly, these applications employ the term “enclosed environment” as a descriptor, potentially alluding to the incorporation of this technology within vehicles.

The Patent Applications for Apple car reveal innovations in Vehicle Audio Systems

According to AppleInsider’s report, each of the five patent applications consistently adopts the aforementioned term, acknowledging its applicability to buildings while emphasizing its relevance to vehicles. Notably, some of these applications leave little room for interpretation, leaving automotive application as the only logical conclusion. Among the patents submitted, one pertains to audio speakers ingeniously integrated into headrests, enhancing the auditory experience for vehicle occupants. Another patent focuses on speakers meticulously mounted on car doors, referred to as an “Access-Feature-Mounted External Speaker” by the company. These patent filings undoubtedly underscore Apple’s ongoing exploration of cutting-edge audio solutions specifically tailored for the automotive domain.
Last year, it was reported that the iPhone maker had delayed the launch of its electric vehicle until 2026 and is expected to be priced under $1,00,000.

The occupant-based audio control system

Apple’s pursuit of audio innovation in vehicular environments is further evident in the recently filed “Occupant-based Audio Control for Enclosed Environments” patent. This particular patent showcases Apple’s vision of delivering an optimal sound experience for both drivers and passengers, irrespective of their seating positions within the vehicle. By implementing sophisticated audio control mechanisms, Apple aims to ensure that every individual within the car enjoys an immersive audio balance tailored to their specific location and preferences.

Redefining the driving experience forever

In addition to the occupant-based audio control patent, Apple’s commitment to long-term strategizing in the automotive realm becomes apparent through another noteworthy patent filing. Although specifics about this particular patent remain undisclosed, it offers a glimpse into Apple’s broader vision and ongoing dedication to revolutionize the automotive industry. As Apple meticulously expands its intellectual property portfolio with strategic patents, it becomes increasingly evident that the company’s ambitions in the automotive domain extend far beyond mere speculation. These patent filings can be the beginning of groundbreaking technologies that could potentially redefine the driving experience for consumers in the future.


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