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Secret leak reveals Apple’s long-anticipated mixed-reality headset revealed.



Tech enthusiasts speculate as an exclusive look at leaked parts hints at the highly-anticipated mixed-reality headset from Apple.

Leaked photos reveal possible cables and sensors for Apple’s VR/AR headset:

A recent leak from a protected Twitter account, MrWhite128, reposted by MacRumors and 9to5Pro has surfaced images of what could be the first look at cables and sensors for Apple’s upcoming virtual and augmented reality headset. The photos show ribbon cables that resemble they are designed for eye-shaped goggles. The purpose of these cables is not clear from the images, but it is speculated that they could connect the two sides of the headset. Additionally, the leaker shared images of a cable that has three bulbous sections, which could be a camera array or some form of sensor. The headset is expected to have colour-passthrough capabilities that enable users to view the outside world while using it, similar to the Meta Quest.

It’s important to note that the pictures leaked are not entirely reliable. Firstly, the person who shared them did not confirm that they were from a headset. The caption accompanying the tweet was just an emoji of a face wearing sunglasses. Additionally, while the ribbon cables resemble those used in a VR headset, the long cable with sensors on it in one of the pictures bears a striking resemblance to the microphone array found in the first-gen HomePod, as noted by 9to5Mac’s Ian Zelbo in a now-deleted tweet. While it’s not impossible for Apple to use a similar design for another product, it’s wise to take this leak with a pinch of salt.

However, If these leaked parts are indeed genuine, it may lend credence to the ongoing rumours that Apple is gearing up to unveil the mixed-reality headset at WWDC later this year, with a possible release before the end of 2023. Typically, leaks like this tend to surface when a company starts ramping up its production efforts. If this is the case, the timing seems to align with reports from last year that indicated Apple planned to start production of the headset in March 2023.

This is still largely speculation, and we may not get any concrete confirmation until the headset is officially released and gets torn down for a closer look. Alternatively, Apple may provide an exploded component view of the headset during its unveiling. Regardless, it’s intriguing to get a glimpse of what could potentially be inside the headset, given that it has only existed in the form of rumours and concept art until now.


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