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Apple’s new Mac can get a “Smart display” giving it the ability to act independent of Mac when not active.



Apple Mac gets Smart display
Apple Mac get a Smart Display

Apple is planning to launch the new Mac with a new Smart display that will behave similar to iOS 17’s StandBy.

According to an exclusive report by Mark Gurman in his Power On newsletter for Bloomberg, Apple is reportedly considering the development of a cutting-edge display equipped with a bespoke Apple silicon chip. This display, rumored to mirror the capabilities of the A13-powered Studio Display, is said to possess the remarkable ability to operate independently from a Mac device, thereby offering unique functionalities, including the potential to function as a smart display even when not actively in use.

The potential integration of an Apple-designed silicon chip within the forthcoming display marks an intriguing departure from the traditional norm. This move would enable the display to possess a level of autonomy that sets it apart from its counterparts. By harnessing the prowess of its custom chip, Apple aims to unlock a range of advanced features that would significantly augment the user experience.

Smart Display may be similar to studio dIsplay in A-13

While specific details about the purported display remain scarce, industry insiders believe that it may inherit several key traits from the A13-powered Studio Display, a previous Apple offering. This suggests that the upcoming display could potentially boast high-performance capabilities and seamless compatibility with other Apple devices. Furthermore, the independence afforded by the custom Apple silicon chip promises to transform the display into a multifunctional device that serves as more than just a traditional computer screen.

One of the most intriguing possibilities mentioned in the report is the potential for the display to function as a smart display even when not actively engaged with a Mac. This implies that users would be able to leverage the display’s built-in intelligence to access a range of features and services without the need for a connected computer. Such a development could revolutionize the way users interact with their displays, granting them greater flexibility and convenience.

However, it is important to note that these reports are based on insider information and should be taken with a grain of salt. Apple has remained tight-lipped about any future product developments and has not officially confirmed the existence of such a display. As with all rumors, it is wise to exercise caution and await official announcements from Apple before drawing any concrete conclusions.

There can be a 7-inch mini-LED display,

Apple has been the subject of various rumors surrounding its display plans, generating significant anticipation among tech enthusiasts. One such rumor suggests that the company is actively developing a 27-inch mini-LED display, further enhancing its product lineup. Additionally, there are speculations about an upcoming iteration of the esteemed Apple Pro Display XDR, which may integrate the convenient Siri functionality directly into the display itself.

The introduction of smart display capabilities evokes similarities to the StandBy feature expected to debut in iOS 17 later this year. This innovative functionality enables iPhones to function as intelligent displays when connected to a power source and positioned horizontally. Reminiscent of an alarm clock, StandBy offers users the ability to dim the screen to a subtle red hue during nighttime hours, ensuring a peaceful slumber. Furthermore, StandBy enriches the user experience by incorporating glanceable widgets and seamless smart home control directly from the convenience of the display.

Curiously, speculations about the inclusion of a similar feature on the iPad surfaced towards the end of last year. However, to the surprise of many, Apple did not unveil it for their tablets during the WWDC 2023 event. As a result, the possibility of this feature being introduced in future iterations of iPadOS 17 remains uncertain.


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