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Top 8 Best Data Centre Companies / Data Centre Services In 2023.



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Best Data centres can provide services such as data warehousing, data analytics, and data storage, among others.

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ata Centres are centralised information storage facilities. Server farms and networking equipment that stores, processes, and distributes massive amounts of data for customers are examples of this. Best Data centres can provide services such as data warehousing, data analytics, and data storage, among others.

Even huge corporations with their own data centres rent space from data centre providers. The reason for this is because running a data centre is quite costly. Any approach that may be used to keep it to a minimum is typically used. This is true for private cloud, public cloud, and multicloud businesses.

More importantly, as cloud computing becomes more popular, fewer businesses (even huge businesses) are opting to create their own data centres. They’d rather hire a data centre provider and rent only the space they require on a yearly basis.

Data centre companies, on the other hand, continue to be important providers of IT infrastructure. Even maintaining hardware products used in the data centres is an essential part to keep the data centres working. Solid Systems Global, provides third-party hardware maintenance to 100s of Data Centres across the world, with over 110 service locations across 6 continents. In this article, you’ll come across the information of the companies (listed below) that provide a lot of resources to aid businesses in their Data Centre needs.

What Should You Look For When Choosing A Data Centre?

When choosing a data centre provider, there are a few factors to keep in mind.

  • Location: The fact that the data centre is close by is a significant plus. It’s a far better deal than the cost reductions you’d get if you put it in a remote location. Data speeds are affected by the distance between your data centre and you. They can also affect the time it takes to respond to an emergency.
  • Reliability: Make sure you learn about the data centre’s redundant systems in case of an emergency. This might be in the event of inclement weather or power disruptions, for example. It’s also a good idea to make sure there’s enough ventilation and cooling.
  • Security: It is critical to have sufficient security built in the data centre. Any breaches might endanger the enterprise and data apps since it contains them. Cyber-attacks may cost millions of dollars on average.
  • Network Capacity: This may be determined objectively using statistics such as network dependability, speed, and security protocols, among other things. You should make sure they have enough room and power to satisfy your requirements. You might also consider server collocation, in which you share a local facility with others. The data centre operator maintains the security systems while you rent the space and pay for the power.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: If you operate a business, finding a data centre that can keep up with your demands is critical. If you join up with someone who has a highly tight framework and no flexibility, you may run into problems as you expand.
  • Emergency Systems: Great data centres detect several points of failure and put up emergency measures to address such failures. As a result, they look for ways to reduce the danger of natural catastrophes, hacker assaults, and power outages, among other things.

As a result, they will have UPS for emergency power, mechanisms to cope with hackers, backup generators, and fire suppression systems, among other things.

Top 8 Best Data Centre Companies In The World

The most popular Data Centre Service providers accessible globally are mentioned below.

  1. Equinix
  2. Digital Realty
  3. China Telecom
  4. NTT Communications
  5. Telehouse/KDDI
  6. Coresite
  7. Verizon
  8. Cyxtera Technologies


              Revenue: $6.7 Billion

              Number of Employees: 10,944

              Number of Data Centres: 202 (12 more to come)

              Headquarter: Redwood City, California

Equinix began operations in 1998. The company’s headquarters are in Redwood City, California. As of 2022, the firm employs 10,944 people and serves 24 nations, including the United Kingdom and the United States. It has a global network of 202 data centres, with 12 more under construction.

Equinix offers 5 core services which include:

  • Managed Services: Equinix provides managed services that enable data and application integration. This is comparable to the office suites offered by competitors such as Google and Amazon.
  • Equinix Marketplace: You may use Equinix Marketplace to locate colocation solutions for your IT problems. There are 9800 participants in the ecosystem, spread over 52 marketplaces, who have generated almost 333,000 linkages. Both buyers and sellers participate in the marketplace.
  • Network Edge: This is a virtual network service that enables for immediate programme and update distribution.
  • Consulting: Equinix also offers expert business consultancy as well as digital solutions for scalability and connectivity.
  • SmartKey: SmartKey is a cloud-based cryptography solution that aims to increase data security.

Digital Realty

          Revenue: $3 Billion

          Number of Employees: 1,550

          Number of Data Centres: 214

          Headquarter: San Francisco, California

Digital Realty was created in 2004 and is based in San Francisco, California, United States. The firm employs approximately 1550 employees and operates in 14 countries, with 214 data centres.

The company offers 3 core services:

Rapid Response Support: Digital Realty’s remote hands-on technicians act as an extension of the in-house team of specialists. They aid in the optimization of data centre performance. These professionals excel in detecting and responding to hazards. This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The services are customised to a company’s unique needs and location.

Scheduled Services: Equipment inventory, deployment of equipment and cabling, on-site assistance during maintenance windows, planned tape swaps, and other scheduled services are examples of scheduled services.

On-Demand Services: Repair services, upgrades, equipment assistance, and hard or soft reboots are all examples of on-demand services.

China Telecom

       Revenue: $55 Billion

       Number of Employees: 281,192 Employees

       Number of Data Centres: 456

       Headquarter: Beijing, China

China Telecom is one of the world’s major data centre service providers. It was established in 2002 and has its headquarters in Beijing. While the company’s services are available in only ten countries, it has 456 data centres in mainland China. The corporation employs 281,192 people.

The following are some of the core services:

Business Solutions: China Telecom offers business consulting services to a variety of businesses, including the government.

Unified Communications: Cloud conferencing, worldwide voice services, and IP connectivity between clients and Service Providers are examples of unified communications.

Bandwidth: For enhanced connectivity, China Telecom offers low latency networks, VPNs, and International Privately Leased Lines.

Internet: These are basic internet services that are protected from DDoS attacks.

Cloud & IDC: Storage choices, Virtual Private Clouds, private mail servers & collocation, and data transfer services are all part of the cloud and IDC services.

CTExcel Mobile Business: CTExcel Mobile Business is a collection of 4G LTE services available to overseas consumers.

NTT Communications

       Revenue: $2 Billion

       Number of Employees: 5,550 Employees

       Number of Data Centres: 48

       Headquarter: Tokyo, Japan

NTT Communications is based in Tokyo, Japan, and was created in 1999. The corporation operates in 20 countries and has 48 data centres. It employs almost 5,550 people all across the world.

NTT Communications provides nine essential services, including:

Network: VPN services, CNS services, and Leased line services are all part of the network. It’s essentially a branch of their internet service provider.

Voice and Video Communications: This covers SIP Trunking, Conferencing, and UCaaS capabilities, as well as International Call Services.

Security: This is NTT Communications’ standard security service, which includes risk management.

Operations Management: Cloud management, end-user service desks, and IT managed services are all examples of operations management.

Cloud: Cloud services include storage, Internet of Things (IoT) services, and data processing.

Data Centre: Data centre services include collocation and the construction of storage and processing facilities.

Application Services: These include cloud-based DaaS, file transfer services, G Suite services, and so on.

IoT: This is the in-house IoT platform that the company provides.

AI: APIs, Virtual Assistants, and a Chat Service are among the AI offerings.


       Revenue: $47 Billion

       Number of Employees: 44,950 Employees

       Number of Data Centres: 48

       Headquarter: Tokyo, Japan

Telehouse/KDDI is the result of the merger of two firms. Telehouse was created in 1988, whereas KDDI was founded in 1953. The former’s headquarters are in Tokyo, while the latter’s are in London. They operate in 12 countries and have a total of 48 data centres. They employ a total of 44,950 people all around the world.

KDDI/Telehouse offers a total of 4 core services:

Managed Services: Managed services include system monitoring, hardware upgrades, and onsite cabling services, among other things.

Cloud services: Cloud services include storage, data processing, security, and so on.

Connectivity: ISPs, Inter-Site Connectivity, and other types of connectivity are included in this category.

Colocation: Building and running on-site data centres, disaster recovery, and metered power solutions are all examples of colocation services provided by the company.


        Revenue: $638 Million

        Number of Employees: 481

        Number of Data Centres: 22

        Headquarter: Denver, Colorado

Coresite was created in 2001 and is based in Denver, Colorado, in the United States. It employs about 481 people. It presently has 22 data centre sites spread across eight countries.

There are four core services offered by Coresite:

  • Colocation: With the support of Coresite, colocation services provide shared facilities that can be operated on-site. Upgrades, maintenance, periodic updates, emergency protocols, and so on are examples of these.
  • Interconnection: Interconnection delivers internet connectivity hardware and software solutions. Installing hardwired cables that give excellent performance and reliable connectivity is one of them.
  • Cloud services: Storage, data processing, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud implementations, and other cloud services are examples of cloud services offered by Coresite.
  • Industry Solutions: This service comprises offering tech-based solutions to businesses such as network and healthcare providers, as well as digital media firms.


       Revenue: $133 Billion

       Number of Employees: 139,400 Employees

       Number of Data Centres: 40

       Headquarter: New Jersey, US

Verizon was created in 1983 and is based in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, in the United States. Nearly 139,400 people work for the firm. It has almost 40 data centres and provides services in nearly 150 countries.

Verizon offers two core services:

  • Secure Cloud Interconnect: Secure Cloud Interconnect aids in the protection of data and applications transmitted via Verizon’s cloud service providers.
  • Business Process Application Marketing: This service aids in the efficient monitoring of business transactions and applications. If necessary, this includes end-to-end monitoring down to the code level.

Cyxtera Technologies  

Revenue: $698 Million

Number of Employees: 1150 Employees

Number of Data Centres: 60

Headquarter: Florida, US

Cyxtera is based in Coral Gables, Florida, United States and was founded in 2017 and is one of the Best Data Centre Companies in the world. It employs about 1150 people and operates in nine countries. It operates 60 data centres throughout the globe.

Cyxtera offers four core services, which include:

Colocation Services: These are shared facilities that may be used by a variety of clients on-site.

Colocation on Demand: This is a set of services that extends and modifies on-site data facilities.

Interconnection refers: Interconnection refers to Cyxtera’s worldwide data centre footprint, which supports a variety of connectivity options. This covers data and connection in the cloud.

Marketplace: CXD-powered providers, such as cloud on-ramps and Storage-as-a-Service providers, are included in the marketplace. This aids in the modification of current collocation facilities.

Solid Systems Global’s multi-vendor support, which includes expertise in all major server and storage equipment from HP, HPE, Dell, EMC, NetApp, Fujitsu, IBM, CISCO, Supermicro, Boston, Sun/Oracle, StorageTek, and others, provides best-in-class service and support to businesses all over the world. With Solid’s Level 2 and Level 3 engineers, Solid Systems Global guarantees a 4-hour response time in all major cities across the world.

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