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Big news coming straight from Apple WWDC 2023, catch all the updates here.



WWDC 2023

After years of rumors and leaks, Apple finally took the wraps off of its latest developments at WWDC 2023 and we have got you covered.

For Apple fans worldwide, WWDC 2023 is building up to be an amazing event. The business is slated to make substantial announcements, with its long-awaited virtual reality (VR) headgear being one of the most eagerly anticipated ones. According to rumours, this VR headset will be a high-end model designed to highlight Apple’s technological prowess and offer an enticing glimpse into the virtual reality of the future.

Apple has already given its audience a glimpse of what’s to expect with iOS 17, in addition to the VR headset. The operating system’s most recent version promises to include a slew of new features that will improve the user experience on all Apple devices. Hardware fans can also rejoice as Apple releases new items like the updated Mac Pro, which is now powered by cutting-edge Apple Silicon and features an amazing M2 Ultra chip. Along with updating its Mac Studio, the business has added a new 15-inch MacBook Air to its inventory of cutting-edge gadgets.

Unveiling macOS Sonoma: A Next-Level Experience with Desktop Widgets and Screensavers.

Apple has recently introduced macOS Sonoma, the newest iteration of its desktop operating system, during the WWDC 2023 event. One of the key highlights of this release is the inclusion of widget support, allowing users to enhance their desktop experience. Moreover, Apple has introduced dynamic screensavers that not only serve as captivating visual elements but can also function as wallpaper. Following Apple’s established pattern, the developer beta version of macOS Sonoma also known as macOS 14 is anticipated to be released shortly, with a public beta version becoming available in the following weeks. The general release of macOS 14 is expected to take place later this year.

Earlier reports suggested that Apple would refrain from implementing significant changes to the Mac operating system in 2023. In the previous year, Apple introduced the Stage Manager feature, which introduced a novel method of organizing open windows and was also incorporated into the iPad through iPadOS 16. Additionally, notable additions included the capability to seamlessly transition FaceTime calls between iPhones and Macs, the ability to use an iPhone’s camera as a webcam for Mac, and the introduction of passkey support.

Next Level of Personalization with iPadOS 17

Apple WWDC 2023 also provided a glimpse of the upcoming iPadOS 17, a software update designed specifically for their range of tablets. This new iteration promises to bring several noteworthy features previously introduced in iOS 17 to the iPad, enriching the user experience.

Among the notable enhancements, iPadOS 17 will introduce a series of new features to the Messages app. Users will now benefit from automatic voice note transcriptions, facilitating the understanding of audio messages without the need for manual transcription. Additionally, Apple has expanded the AirDrop capabilities on the iPad, allowing for more seamless file sharing between devices. Moreover, the autocorrect feature for text input has been intelligently refined, offering improved accuracy and precision.

In an effort to align the iPad with the iPhone’s functionalities, Apple has introduced the ability to personalize the lock screen on the tablet. This feature empowers users to customize their lock screen experience according to their preferences, similar to how it functions on the iPhone. Moreover, the homescreen of iPadOS 17 will support interactive widgets, as showcased by Craig Federighi, Apple’s Vice President of Software Engineering. This new functionality enables users to place interactive widgets on their homescreen, providing quick access to information and enhancing overall productivity.

Furthermore, iPadOS 17 will incorporate the popular Health app, allowing iPad users to conveniently track and manage their health and wellness data. This addition brings the iPad on par with iOS in terms of health-related features. Lastly, Live Activities, previously exclusive to iOS, will now be available on the iPad as well. This feature enriches the user experience by displaying dynamic and real-time information, ensuring users stay updated on the latest happenings.

Apple Vision Pro is the first ever mixed Reality headset by Apple.

Apple’s Vision Pro headset has finally been made public. The device, which combines the real and digital worlds for the wearer and people around them, enables you to engage in both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences. The wearer’s primary interface overlays apps on top of the outside environment, while EyeSight, Apple’s external display function, allows anyone in the immediate vicinity to see the wearer’s eyes via the device.

FaceTime’s Power in the Epic tvOS 17

Apple TV will now support FaceTime. A new FaceTime app will be made available as part of the tvOS 17 upgrade, allowing you to make video calls to your big-screen TV using the camera on your iPhone or iPad.

You may start the FaceTime app on Apple TV and it will wirelessly connect to your iPhone or iPad thanks to Apple’s use of the Continuity Camera function. Even current calls on your iPhone can be picked up and sent to your Apple TV.

Apple has its own “Journal” app

New iOS journaling app Journal from Apple lets iPhone users frequently record their everyday activities. Journal, which was unveiled on Monday at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, joins other iOS applications like Fitness, Sleep, and Breathe that assist users in tracking and managing various parts of their daily life.

Journal will face competition from third-party journaling applications like Day One, which debuted in 2012 for Mac and iOS before extending to Android in 2018. In April, The Wall Street Journal reported that it had seen documents outlining Apple’s ambitions for Journal, which was then still under development under the codename “Jurassic,” highlighting parallels to currently available journaling apps.

Hideo Kojima Expands Gaming Universe: Death Stranding Marks the Epic Arrival on Mac

During WWDC 2023, Hideo Kojima made a brief but noteworthy presence as Apple emphasised the strength of its most recent M2 CPUs and a new gaming mode in macOS Sonoma. The director announced that he is porting not only Death Stranding Director’s Cut but also his other games to macOS during the conference’s gaming session. Kojima did not disclose the release date for Director’s Cut for the Mac or the titles in his omnibus that he is converting to the Mac.

Kojima’s participation at WWDC 2023 may have been a hint that he’ll be involved in the Summer Game Fest event, which begins later this week.

Apple’s thinnest 15′ MacBook

A new 15-inch MacBook Air will be “the best 15-inch laptop in the world. The latest model, which Apple claims to be the thinnest 15-inch laptop in the world, measures 11.5mm thick and weighs slightly more than three pounds. It will be offered in Midnight (presumably black) and Starlight (light?) colours and contains two USB-C Thunderbolt connections, a MagSafe charging connector, and a headphone input. Its 15.3-inch screen, which has bezels that are five millimetres wide, is 500 nits brilliant. A 1080p webcam and six spatial audio speakers are also included. It will include an M2 chip from Apple.

Apple announces exciting Widget Revival for watchOS 10 during WWDC

Apple recently unveiled watchOS 10, a highly anticipated smartwatch platform, during its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). This latest iteration of the operating system marks a significant milestone for Apple’s smartwatch technology. Developers were granted immediate access to the platform, allowing them to explore its capabilities, while a public beta release is expected to be made available in the coming month. The final version of watchOS 10 is scheduled for release in the autumn, coinciding with the launch of the eagerly awaited Apple Watch Series 9.

One notable feature making a triumphant return is the inclusion of widgets. Users will now have the convenience of accessing a “stack” of widgets in a single location, which can be easily scrolled through. This revamped approach to interacting with the Apple Watch represents a major shift from previous versions, offering users quick and effortless access to a wealth of information.

Apple WWDC 2023 Introduces Next-Gen M2 Max and M2 Ultra Chips to Mac Studio

Apple is adding M2 Max and M2 Ultra CPUs to its Mac Studio desktop computer. Similar in appearance to the M1-powered computer from the previous year, the small desktop Mac Studio boasts significantly more potent CPUs within. On June 13th, the new Mac Studio will begin arriving, with prices starting at $1,999.

The main story here is M2 Ultra, which Apple calls “a monster of a chip.” using a 24-core CPU and up to a 76-core GPU that is 30% faster than the M1 Ultra, it is essentially two M2 Max dies coupled using Apple’s UltraFusion technology. According to Apple, a single machine equipped with this kind of GPU can train ML workloads that discrete GPUs are unable to do because of memory limitations.


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