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Can Microsoft’s integration of ChatGPT help Bing beat Google at its own game?



Microsoft’s latest move is revolutionizing Bing Search with ChatGPT to take on Google.

As ChatGPT made conversational AI approachable, Microsoft is now rumoured to be incorporating the machine learning methods that underpin conversational AI into Bing search queries.

As per the Information reports, Microsoft will soon introduce a version of Bing that integrates ChatGPT to respond to user queries. According to The Information, Microsoft plans to make Bing more competitive with Google by releasing the new feature before the end of March.

Bing could respond to queries with more humanlike responses as opposed to just links to information by utilising the ChatGPT technology, which was developed by the AI company OpenAI. Although relevant information is already surfaced by both Google and Bing via links at the top of many search queries, Google’s knowledge panels are especially popular when looking up information about individuals, locations, businesses, and other objects.

Microsoft’s implementation of ChatGPT-like features could help Bing compete with Google’s Knowledge Graph, a knowledge base that Google utilises to present quick solutions that are continuously updated through web crawls and user feedback. But if Microsoft is ambitious, it might possibly go far further and provide a wide range of new AI-based features.

ChatGPT has already made AI accessible:

ChatGPT launched conversational AI to the masses last year, helping users generate poems, compose college essays, write code, and even shave hours off their work. ChatGPT, a huge language model based on GPT-3.5 that was launched last year, has amazed the web with its capacity to produce responses and authentic-looking articles on a variety of subjects. Despite its abilities, the system still has significant problems, such as racial biases and a propensity to offer false information as actual fact.

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, has also issued a warning, saying that “it’s a mistake to be depending on [ChatGPT] for anything critical right now.” It will be crucial to know exactly how Microsoft intends to integrate ChatGPT into Bing, and it’s likely that the company will start with beta tests and a restricted level of integration until it’s ready for usage by all Bing users.

Although ChatGPT may help Bing challenge Google’s dominance, Google has previously stated that it won’t launch its own competitor right away due to “reputational risk.” Google is apparently not yet ready to replace search due to prejudice and factuality issues with existing AI chatbots. However, Google has been subtly enhancing its search engine for years by using a variety of massive AI language models.

One of the top AI businesses in the world, OpenAI, and Microsoft have a close working connection. The Redmond-based tech giant has an exclusive licence to use OpenAI’s text generator AI GPT-3 and is integrating an AI text-to-image model powered by DALL-E 2 into Bing. In 2019, the company also funded $1 billion in OpenAI. It’s unclear how this later agreement will affect ChatGPT’s alleged Bing integration at this time.

Since at least six years ago, Microsoft has staked its future on AI. Microsoft introduced its “conversation as a platform” service in 2016, making a wager that chat-based interfaces will replace apps as our primary method of using the internet and finding information. Microsoft appears to be attempting to make that a reality within Bing by working with ChatGPT.

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