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Customers were charged by Sonos for extra speakers shipped by mistake.



The glitch was caused by a system update causing “some orders to be processed multiple times.”

Some customers who ordered speakers from Sonos’ website recently received more than what they had ordered, which isn’t generally a cause for concern. However, Sonos charging them extra for the gadgets sent in error and wanting them back seems to be one. While Sonos is refunding customers for the extra costs, others are dissatisfied that they were not granted a discount for the trouble of dealing with a situation they did not cause.

Two different consumers informed The Verge that they ordered one Sonos Move but received three. Another customer said they were charged over $2,000 after receiving seven Move speakers after buying one. They say that the firm has offered them up to 10 business days to get their refund.

There are also other claims in a Reddit thread indicating that the issue impacts more than just the Move. Other customers bought the Roam and Ray, with some reporting receiving (and being paid for) anywhere from two to five additional speakers.

Sonos informs affected consumers that they “have been overcharged” and “will also receive multiple shipments.”

Sonos informed affected consumers that they “have been overcharged” and “will also receive multiple shipments” of their order, in an emailed notice. The glitch, according to the company, was caused by a system update that caused “some orders to be processed multiple times.” Affected consumers are asked to return the additional speakers using a pre-paid label provided by the firm, and they are recommended to use Sonos’ carrier for pickup.

It is unclear how many consumers were affected by the issue or when it initially occurred. It’s not good for Sonos, and it’s unclear whether individuals who don’t return the speakers will face any repercussions.

However, the company may not be able to lawfully charge customers who do not return them. “You never have to pay for things you get but didn’t order,” according to a post on the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) website, and “you also don’t have to return unordered merchandise.”

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