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E3 2023 shocks industry by announcing cancellation after Nintendo, Sony, and Xbox pull out.



E3 2023

E3 2023 virtual and IRL event gets cancelled soon after Sony, Xbox, and Nintendo withdraw from the event.

The gaming world was shocked by a sudden announcement on 30th March as E3 2023 confirmed that it would not be holding its annual event either virtually or in person. The news has left many in the gaming community feeling disappointed, as E3 2023 has long been a staple of the gaming calendar, providing a platform for industry leaders to showcase the latest and greatest in gaming technology and innovation.

The email from E3 notifying attendees of the cancellation cited a lack of sustained interest in the event as the reason for its cancellation. A mail received by IGN stated that “E3 simply did not garner the sustained interest necessary to execute it in a way that would showcase the size, strength, and impact of our industry.”

Although this news may have surprised some people, it is a reflection of how the gaming industry is evolving and how events must change to fit the demands of their consumers.

 As the dust settles on this unexpected announcement, gamers around the world will undoubtedly be left wondering what the future holds for E3 and the wider gaming industry. While there may be some uncertainty in the short term, one thing is for certain: the gaming community will continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible, regardless of whether or not E3 is there to showcase it.

Why was E3 cancelled?

This year, many big names such as Sony, Xbox, and Nintendo withdrew their participation from the event which is also a major reason behind its cancellation. Moreover, with the pandemic still looming over the world, it seems that these companies have realized the potential of hosting their own virtual showcases that can reach a broader audience without the hassle of physical events.

For gamers, E3 has always been a place of excitement and anticipation, where they could witness the unveiling of new games, hardware, and software. The cancellation of the event left many feeling a sense of loss as it has been a crucial part of the gaming calendar for decades while other felt that it was growing irrelevant.

While E3’s comeback year didn’t go as planned, fans of the event still hold out hope for a bigger and better comeback in the future. The gaming industry is evolving at a rapid pace, but E3 has managed to remain a significant part of gaming culture for decades. Despite the challenges faced this year, the anticipation and excitement surrounding E3 remain as strong as ever.


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