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Elon Musk announces a huge feature to Twitter Blue, it may become the new ” Netflix” of social Media



Elon Musk Twitter Blue

Elon Musk in his latest tweet announces that Twitter Blue Subscribers can now share two-hour long videos, the video file size limit for paid users is up to 8GB.

Ever since assuming a prominent role on Twitter, billionaire Elon Musk has been actively implementing various modifications to the popular social media platform. He revealed his ideas for “Twitter 2.0 The Everything App,” an ambitious project intended to include a variety of cutting-edge capabilities, in a notable development last year. Musk had plans for an improved version that would allow for the creation of long-form tweets, encrypted direct messaging (DMs), and possibly payment facilitation for Twitter Blue users.

Additionally, Musk unveiled Twitter Blue, a paid verification programme that allowed users to pay a monthly fee in exchange for the coveted blue verified checkmark on their profiles. A number of exclusive features were made available to subscribers, and they also benefited from increased visibility on the microblogging site.

Continuing his entrepreneurial spirit, the self-proclaimed “Chief Twit” recently unveiled another feature aimed at assisting users who engage with long-form video content.

Mr. Musk recently revealed an intriguing update for Twitter Blue subscribers in a post on the well-known social media site, Twitter. The well-known businessman and CEO announced on the site on Thursday that Twitter Blue customers would now be able to upload movies that were up to two hours long. The ability to upload videos has significantly increased, which will give users and content producers more ways to share and interact with their audience.

Musk’s attempt to make Twitter Blue exclusive

With the inclusion of this new feature, Twitter Blue Verified subscribers in particular will benefit from the ability to upload videos that can span up to two hours in duration. This expanded time frame allows for a more extensive range of content, enabling creators to delve into deeper discussions or showcase more comprehensive narratives. The increased upload capacity of up to 8GB also ensures that high-quality videos can be shared seamlessly, without compromising on the visual and auditory experience.

Twitter wants to create a more dynamic and engaging environment for its users, hence it has decided to increase the video length restriction. In order to produce richer and more interesting material and establish a deeper connection with their audience, creators are given the ability to upload lengthier movies. The additional opportunities created by this growth give artists, influencers, and companies new ways to use the platform as a tool for storytelling, marketing, and brand promotion.

The transition from 80-character tweet to 2-hour long video

The decision of Twitter to roll out this functionality is consistent with its continuous initiatives to broaden its services and meet the changing demands of its user base. The addition of longer video uploads is a strategic move by Twitter to remain relevant and competitive in the digital landscape as video content has become more prevalent across multiple social media platforms. By accepting this development, the platform frames itself as a place where users may communicate their ideas through lengthy video material in addition to 280-character tweets.

The tweet garnered a significant amount of attention and elicited diverse reactions from users. Numerous individuals expressed their support for the decision, highlighting its potential benefits. One user remarked, “This move presents a compelling incentive to shift towards podcasts, particularly within the finance and tech industries. The user further emphasized that the new approach could offer a more user-friendly and seamless experience compared to traditional methods of browsing through platforms like Spotify.”

On the other hand, there were also individuals who criticized the announcement. Their negative feedback reflected a contrasting perspective on the matter, implying reservations or objections to the proposed transition. However, specific details of these critical viewpoints were not provided in the available information.

Epic Response to the Musk’s Tweet

It is worth noting that the range of opinions demonstrates the divided sentiment surrounding the tweet, showcasing both support and opposition. The user’s statement emphasizes the potential advantages of exploring podcasts as an alternative medium, particularly within the finance and tech domains, emphasizing enhanced intuitiveness compared to conventional browsing on platforms like Spotify.

I hope you focus on watching lengthy videos as an alternative to YouTube. Short videos are not good. Another guy chimed in, “I hope you don’t imitate tik tok, shorts, and reels.

Another individual said, “This is a major thing for someone like me who uploads a lot of movies! Size and time restrictions have long been a major pain point. I’m eager to post more content on Twitter and rely less on YouTube.

A different user added, “RIP YouTube.” 

“Welcome to Tweetube,” a user wrote.

Someone remarked, “Twitter is the new Netflix.”

This comes after the billionaire disclosed his ambitions to add calls and encrypted messaging as additional capabilities to the site. Musk announced in a tweet last week that voice and video chat from your handle to anyone on this platform would be available shortly. This would allow you to communicate with people anywhere in the world without having to give out your phone number.


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