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Twitter alleges Meta of stealing trade secrets to create the copycat “Threads” app.



Twitter alleges Meta of using its trade secrets in creating Threads.
Twitter and Meta

Elon Musk is threatening to take a legal action against Meta for its rapidly growing rival Threads.

Twitter is planning to take legal action against Meta following the rapid rise of its competing application, Threads. Meta, the parent company of Facebook, launched Threads to public on Wednesday, positioning it as a “friendly” alternative to Twitter. Meta has denied allegations made in a legal letter that says that the former Twitter employees played a role in the development of Threads.

The controversial letter

In a recent development brought to light by Semafor, a news outlet, Twitter’s attorney, Alex Spiro, took action by sending a letter to Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, on Wednesday. The letter accuses Meta of engaging in “systematic, willful, and unlawful misappropriation” of Twitter’s trade secrets and other intellectual property to create Threads.

According to Spiro’s allegations, Meta allegedly hired numerous former Twitter employees who had access to Twitter’s trade secrets and highly confidential information. Twitter contends that a concerning aspect lies in the fact that numerous former Twitter employees retained access to the company’s trade secrets and other highly confidential information. Exploiting this access, Twitter asserts that Meta purposefully enlisted these individuals, tasking them with key responsibilities in the development of Threads.It is claimed that the knowledge obtained from these individuals contributed to the development of what Spiro referred to as a “copycat” app, Threads.

While the exact number of individuals involved remains undisclosed, Spiro’s claim implies that Meta engaged a substantial workforce from its rival’s talent pool. This revelation adds an intriguing layer to the ongoing dispute between Twitter and Meta, shedding light on the potential recruitment strategy employed by Meta in the creation of Threads.

Competition is fine but cheating is not.

After Threads became publicly available, it was widely observed that Threads bears a striking resemblance to Twitter in terms of its visual design and user experience. Notably, the news feed and reposting functionalities on Threads evoke a strong sense of familiarity among users, reminiscent of the features commonly associated with Twitter.
“Twitter intends to strictly enforce its intellectual property rights, and demands that Meta take immediate steps to stop using any Twitter trade secrets or other highly confidential information,” the letter says. . “Competition is fine, cheating is not,” Musk said in a reply to a post about the letter on Twitter.

Meta denies of using any talent pool of Twitter.

In response to Twitter’s letter, Meta took to Threads to address the allegations. Andy Stone, the communications director at Meta, responded by stating, “No one on the Threads engineering team is a former Twitter employee; that’s just not a thing.”
Twitter has issued a stern warning, indicating its intention to pursue legal recourse by seeking both civil remedies and injunctive relief. Furthermore, Twitter has made explicit demands, insisting that Meta promptly cease the utilization of any trade secrets or highly confidential information belonging to Twitter. In addition, Twitter asserts that Meta should refrain from crawling or scraping data from Twitter’s platform. Failure to comply with these demands could potentially escalate the legal dispute between the two companies.
It appears that Meta remains unfazed by the accusations, possibly due to Twitter’s history of resorting to legal threats. Earlier this year, Twitter accused Microsoft of misusing its API in conjunction with certain products.

Threads was a hit after its release

Meta officially launched Threads on Wednesday evening, with prominent figures and brands being among the first to join the platform. Astonishingly, within less than 24 hours since its launch, Threads has already attracted over 30 million registered users. Additionally, internal data obtained reveals that users have already engaged in over 95 million threads, underscoring the immediate impact and popularity of the new app.
 Both Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have openly recognized the competitive nature surrounding Threads, an app associated with Instagram but functioning independently.

The launch of Threads in 100 countries prompted a noteworthy reaction from Zuckerberg, who, after an unprecedented 11 years of Twitter silence, broke his self-imposed Twitter hiatus. He shared a widely circulated meme featuring two strikingly similar Spider-Man figures, mutually pointing at each other, effectively portraying a tense standoff.

Musk calls Instagram a place of ‘counterfeit happiness’

In a synchronized response, the global conversation revolving around “Threads” gained momentum on Zuckerberg’s platform. Seizing the opportunity, Elon Musk joined the discourse, stating, “I find it significantly more preferable to be subjected to criticism from unfamiliar individuals on Twitter than to indulge in the deceptive allure of counterfeit happiness prevalent on Instagram.”


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