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Elon Musk keeps firing workers from Twitter even after declaring that the layoff was over.



He continues to set aggressive deadlines for making significant changes, such as revamping ad targeting within a week.

Elon Musk gathered Twitter’s surviving staff on November 21 and informed them that layoffs had ended after removing almost two-thirds of the workforce in a matter of weeks. He never stops firing people, though.

According to corporate sources and social media posts from affected employees dozens of Twitter employees in the sales and engineering departments were let go last week, including one of Musk’s direct reports who was directing engineering for Twitter’s advertisements business. This indicates that since making the commitment to cease them in November, Musk has conducted at least three rounds of layoffs. For the next week, he has given an internal command to change how advertisements are targeted in Twitter’s main feed within a week — a component of his strategy to address what he publically referred to as “the worst ad relevancy on Earth.” (The Information was the first to announce last week’s additional layoffs to the sales crew.)

Musk wants to modify Twitter’s ad targeting so that it functions more like Google’s search advertisements, which focus on a user’s search history rather than their activity and profile information. It’s a strategy that works well for search engines, where users go to express a clear desire to locate something, and it’s helped Google grow into one of the most successful companies in history. But, it hasn’t yet been successful for a social media company.

I believe Twitter can really improve ads in 2-3 months (no necessarily in a week though),” wrote Marcin Kadluczka, the laid-offoff technical manager for monetization who directly reported to Musk, in a tweet on Saturday. I can now affirm that Musk gave the strict deadline right before Kadluczka and other members of the advertising, marketing, and sales organisations were fired last Friday.

Here is where I will add a disclaimer that Musk originally set an unmet deadline for updating Twitter Blue when he initially purchased the business. Also, he could alter his opinion about how Twitter ads need to function. An email requesting comment from him received no response.

Since he acquired the business, Musk has placed a lot of effort into enhancing Twitter’s advertising. He was right to point out that Twitter’s ads are less targeted and efficient than those of its rivals. Criticizing the Musk period of Twitter is in no way an endorsement of the prior administration, as my colleague Nilay Patel loves to argue. Yet as others with a greater grasp of the trade-offs than I have noted, it’s not obvious whether changing targeting to be keyword-driven like Google advertisements will truly increase the quality of Twitter’s advertising.

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