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Elon Musk’s surprise pick for Twitter’s new CEO leaves excitement as he announces his replacement.



Elon Musk
Elon Musk

Twitter will have a new management but same ownership as Elon Musk resigns as CEO, what changes to expect for Twitter’s Future

On Thursday, Elon Musk took to Twitter to reveal that he has chosen a new CEO for X/Twitter, although he did not disclose the individual’s identity. Musk himself will now take on the position of executive chair and chief technology officer, where he will be responsible for supervising Twitter’s product, software, and sysops. As per Dylan Byers, a reporter at Puck News, the new CEO will be Linda Yaccarino, an advertising executive at NBC Universal. Byers cited two unnamed sources for this information.

The highly successful Linda Yaccarino is reportedly in conversations with Twitter about the potential of becoming the company’s new CEO after Elon Musk will steps down, according to a recent story by The Wall Street Journal. The announcement has generated a lot of discussion in the IT community, with many people speculating about Yaccarino’s possible effects on the social networking platform.

NBCUniversal’s representative has emphasised that Yaccarino is, in fact, entirely occupied with preparations for an upcoming upfront presentation to advertisers, in spite of the rumours. This attention to her current position demonstrates Yaccarino’s high level of professionalism and passion to her job.

Yaccarino’s Prospective Nomination as CEO of Twitter

Twitter recently announced an expanded agreement with NBCUniversal for the coverage of the 2023 Olympic Games, thus Yaccarino’s prospective nomination as CEO comes at an exciting time for the business. Yaccarino, who has a distinguished history of achievement in the media sector, has been outspoken about her wish for Twitter to bring back Periscope. The platform’s users, who have been pleading for its return, would definitely welcome this decision.

Yaccarino recently conducted an interview with Tesla CEO Elon Musk at the Possible 2023 marketing conference in Miami in addition to her work with NBCUniversal and Twitter. Yaccarino’s remarkable communication abilities and her capacity to establish connections with powerful corporate people were highlighted in this well-known interview.

Although Musk may soon relinquish his role as CEO of Twitter, he will continue to maintain ownership of the company, which he has recently rebranded as “X.” However, it remains doubtful whether the appointment of a new CEO will have any effect on the unpredictable nature of the platform. Last October, Musk assumed the title of “Chief Twit” after acquiring the company and subsequently firing a large number of its executives and employees.

Why Elon Musk should step down?

One issue worth considering is the impact of Musk’s divided attention on his other enterprises, which include Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, and The Boring Company, among others. In December, Tesla shareholders publicly urged Musk to relinquish control of Twitter as the automaker’s stock price plummeted to $101, a mere third of its peak value over the past year, which was around $314. Tesla has since reduced the prices of its vehicles and is contending with lower margins as it faces fierce competition in what some have dubbed an “EV price war.”

As Musk has exerted his influence on Twitter policies, many have speculated about the duration of his leadership and its impact on his other companies. The Musk era has brought about changes that have caused discontent among Twitter users, public safety officials, and other stakeholders.

Moreover, Musk’s leadership has also impacted Twitter’s advertising business. Several prominent advertisers halted their spending on the platform due to concerns that Musk’s stance on free speech could harm their image. Additionally, the emergence of numerous fraudulent verified accounts on Twitter after the launch of Musk’s revamped Twitter Blue only added to advertisers’ anxieties.

The alleged legacy verification

Musk changed the user design, removed the obsolete “legacy” verified badges for accounts with fewer than one million followers, and charged more for the premium Twitter Blue subscription. With this revamp, users can switch between two timelines: a For You timeline that is algorithmically selected based on recommendations, and a Following timeline that is arranged chronologically. Additionally, verified users are the only ones who may now send encrypted direct messages. By launching a poll in December asking his fans whether he should leave his position as CEO of Twitter, Musk teased the approaching CEO transition while committing to respect the views of all of his followers, including any robot accounts.

Musk faced backlash for a policy change on Twitter that seemed to prohibit the sharing of links to other social networks. Although he later clarified and reversed the policy, he pledged to introduce a voting system for significant policy changes in the future, reiterating a previous commitment to democratic decision-making. Shortly thereafter, he tweeted a poll asking whether he should step down as CEO of Twitter, which garnered 17.5 million responses, with 57.5 percent voting in favor of his resignation. This survey was not the first indication that Musk was seeking to step down from his role as CEO. During a compensation hearing for his position as CEO of Tesla, Musk testified that he planned to reduce his involvement in Twitter and eventually find someone else to take over as CEO. This was consistent with earlier reports that Musk’s tenure as CEO of Twitter was always intended to be temporary.


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