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Apple is working on a gorilla case design which can make iphone covers obsolete.



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Future iPhone series may feature ultra-durable glass, making the need for phone cases unnecessary.

Apple’s latest line of iPhones has already established a reputation for durability, but even the most devoted iPhone users often opt to encase their cherished devices in protective covers. However, this long-standing trend might witness a significant shift in the coming years. Recently, Apple was granted a patent for an innovative and resilient iPhone housing, which holds the potential to feature in future iterations of their flagship smartphones.

The patent, aptly named “Spatial Composites,” presents an intriguing concept: a rear glass panel constructed using elements that possess remarkable resistance to abrasion. This ingenious approach aims to offer enhanced protection against scuffs, scratches, and grazes, collectively referred to as abrasion.

How Apple will attain this goal?

According to a report by Creative Bloq, Apple has recognized the limitations of existing methods in preventing abrasion on mobile devices. For instance, while metal housing materials offer strength, they tend to introduce unwanted electromagnetic shielding. On the other hand, plastic materials are not highly resistant to scratches or abrasions.

Evidently, Apple is actively exploring the development of a novel material for their iPhones that not only possesses favorable electromagnetic properties but also provides superior scratch-resistance. However, it is important to manage expectations as this material may not make its way into upcoming iPhones in the near future.

It is worth noting that patent applications represent the initial stages of an idea’s progression, and in this particular case, Apple’s patent application might primarily aim to safeguard against other manufacturers incorporating similar technology in their own upcoming devices.

Focusing on durability:

However, there have been discussions and speculations about Apple prioritizing durability in their upcoming iPhone 15 series, particularly focusing on the highly anticipated iPhone 15 Ultra. According to renowned leaker LeaksApplePro, the iPhone 15 Ultra is rumored to feature a titanium exterior, known for its superior strength and lighter weight compared to the stainless steel used in the i Phone 14 Pro Max.

As Apple continues to push the boundaries of innovation, they may soon find themselves in a challenging position. Highlighting enhanced performance and camera capabilities can only go so far in marketing new iPhone models. Apple might be compelled to emphasize durability as the flagship feature in future iterations, making the development of this abrasion-resistant material all the more essential to their strategy.

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