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Get Ready to explore the Cosmos with Microsoft’s Starfield Xbox Controller, Watch and Headset



Xbox Controller
Xbox Controller

The Starfield-branded accessories are the newest additions to a series of special edition Xbox controller.

Following a series of leaks that generated considerable anticipation, Microsoft has officially unveiled its Starfield Xbox controller and headset. This release marks the latest addition to Microsoft’s impressive lineup of special edition controllers, a tradition that began with the launch of the Xbox Series X/S consoles in 2020.

The Starfield Xbox Series X wireless controller is not just real, it’s absolutely stunning.

Available for purchase today at a price of $79.99, the Starfield-branded controller showcases a design that draws inspiration from various elements found within the highly anticipated Starfield game. Its design is a captivating fusion of sleekness and cosmic beauty that will transport you to a whole new gaming universe.

With a clever combination of grey and gold accents that perfectly align with the distinctive Starfield branding, this controller also boasts textured hand grips for enhanced comfort and control during gameplay. Microsoft has once again succeeded in delivering a visually striking and ergonomically sound accessory to accompany its cutting-edge gaming consoles.

Xbox Wireless Headset sets a new auditory standard.

Microsoft has unveiled an exciting addition to its gaming accessories lineup with the release of the highly anticipated Starfield-branded headset. Priced at an affordable $124.99, this wireless headset builds upon the success of Microsoft’s acclaimed Xbox Wireless headset, which has garnered positive reviews from users. Notably, the Starfield headset shares a similar design with the controller, creating a cohesive and visually appealing gaming experience.

Flawless Wireless Audio:

Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless Headset provides gamers with an exceptional auditory experience that rivals more expensive alternatives. Surprisingly, this audio marvel comes at a fraction of the expected cost for a wireless headset of such high quality. The wireless connection is seamless, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay and allowing gamers to fully immerse themselves in the virtual worlds they explore.

Personalized Sound Precision:

To optimize the potential of the Xbox Wireless Headset, users are encouraged to customize the audio settings using the Xbox Accessories app. This feature enables gamers to finely adjust the equalizer (EQ) settings according to their personal preferences, delivering an ideal sound reproduction tailored to their unique hearing profiles. By catering to diverse preferences in bass, mids, and highs, Microsoft empowers users to have complete control over their audio experience, taking it to new heights.

The Power of a Great Microphone:

Apart from its exceptional audio capabilities, the Xbox Wireless Headset also impresses with its built-in microphone. While some may argue that competing headphones equipped with boom mics offer a slightly richer and fuller tone, Microsoft’s microphone solution is truly remarkable. Featuring intelligent technology like auto-mute, background noise is effortlessly eliminated when the user is not speaking, resulting in clear and crisp communication. This considerate feature enhances the overall gaming experience, enabling smooth teamwork and communication during intense multiplayer sessions.

A special Starfield-branded watch

In addition to the controller and headset, Bethesda, the renowned game developer, has gone the extra mile by including a special Starfield-branded watch in the collector’s edition of the game. This unique timepiece serves a dual purpose, both within and outside the game. Within the virtual world of Starfield, the watch acts as a compass, providing players with essential environmental information for various planets. Outside the game, the physical watch connects to your smartphone, seamlessly displaying notifications and keeping you connected to the real world while you embark on interstellar adventures.


The Starfield Chronomark smartwatch undoubtedly steals the spotlight. Encased in a stunning watch case, adorned with a thematic Starfield patch, this timepiece exudes elegance and sophistication. Its sleek design and advanced functionalities make it a coveted accessory for both avid gamers and technology enthusiasts alike.

The Starfield Chronomark smartwatch comes bundled with an exclusive Constellation Edition of the game, showcasing its captivating features. This remarkable edition not only grants access to a digital game download but also includes a steelbook, 5 days of early access, the enthralling Shattered Space story expansion, as well as various skin packs and digital extras such as the soundtrack and an art book.

The introduction of these high-quality and immersive gaming accessories not only enhances the overall Starfield experience but also demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to providing gamers with innovative and cutting-edge technology. With its attention to detail and seamless integration with the game, the Starfield-branded headset and watch promise to captivate players, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the vast and captivating universe of Starfield.

The pricing details for Starfield hardware are currently unavailable, but it is anticipated that the Constellation Edition will carry a significant price tag, especially considering its inclusion of a smartwatch, early access, and a comprehensive story expansion.


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