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Google Hangouts finally shut down in November 2022.



Redirecting mobile Hangout users to Chat has begun as Google Hangouts shutting down in November 2022.

After discontinuing Google Hangouts for Workspace users in February, Google is now preparing to migrate free, personal Hangouts users to Chat. Google announced in a blog post that individuals who are still using the Hangouts mobile app will be prompted to switch to Chat.

For those users accessing Hangouts through Gmail on the web, the company says it won’t start prompting them to switch to Chat until July. Hangouts will be available on the desktop site until November. And the corporation says it will notify users “at least one month” before redirecting the Hangouts site to Chat.

When Hangouts first debuted in 2013, it was intended to replace GChat (not to be confused with the newer Google Chat). The original GChat, or Google Talk as some know it, was discontinued earlier this month. And with Hangouts following suit later this year, it appears that the new Google Chat will be Google’s next attempt to deliver a flawlessly integrated instant messaging service across devices.

The business originally hinted at intentions to move customers from Hangouts to Chat in 2018. And the functionality became free for all users in 2020.

The company ought to move all of your current Hangouts discussions to Chat automatically if you still use that service. As Hangouts is formally retiring in November, the firm is providing you with the chance to get a copy of your data via its Takeout service.

To tempt customers to migrate to Chat, Google claims it’s releasing a few new capabilities. The functions include the ability to make direct calls, create in-line threads in Spaces (the rebrand of Rooms), and share and see multiple images.

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