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Google is experiencing a notable decline in quality due to the recent Reddit blackouts



Reddit blackout

Reddit’s user-curated posts provide an effective way to avoid search engine ads and spam. But what happens when subreddits decide to go private and internet’s largest forum becomes inactive?

The recent wave of protest on Reddit, with over 8,000 subreddits going offline, has shed light on the extent to which the platform can be relied for valuable and authentic information within Google search results. In the face of Google’s increasingly underwhelming search outcomes, it has become a common practice for anyone to include the term “reddit” in their searches, as it often yields more human-oriented and practical insights. Despite the apparent aversion to obtaining information solely from AI chatbots, the current unavailability of numerous subreddits, including some of the most popular ones, has become an obstacle, leading to encounter a message stating that the subreddit is now private when attempting to access Reddit links from search results.

Furthermore, Reddit’s influence extends beyond its dedicated user base. Even for individuals who do not actively engage with the platform, Reddit links often dominate search results, making it likely that many people have stumbled upon valuable information on the site. This phenomenon renders the platform a valuable resource for a wide range of topics.

The impact may seem little but it’s not.

To illustrate, let’s consider my current quest in Tears of the Kingdom. I have been on the lookout for a specific piece of armor, and when I sought tips and advice regarding it last night, I encountered an obstacle: r/TOTK, the subreddit dedicated to the game, is set to private. Similarly, I have been facing issues with a pocket door in my home, yet I am unable to access a promising r/DIY post due to restrictions. Additionally, I had been intending to discover some fresh, captivating music, only to discover that both r/music and r/spotify have temporarily ceased activity.

Of course, Google remains a viable option for acquiring answers to any of these inquiries. There are numerous alternative websites that provide comprehensive guides for Tears of the Kingdom. Google’s search results even present a selection of potentially useful videos pertaining to my pocket door predicament, primarily hosted on YouTube. Moreover, conducting a search for “best new music” yields an abundance of curated lists to explore and enjoy.

Why Reddit is important

However, none of these alternatives possess the unique conversational and communal aspects that make Reddit an incredibly valuable platform. Personally, I find great value in delving into the comment sections beneath a post, where I can discover diverse recommendations, different perspectives, and additional links to pertinent resources. The ensuing discussions surrounding these additions to the thread further enrich my experience.

Reddit often consolidates a vast wealth of information within a single location, and given that the most valuable content typically rises to the top through upvoting, I can place my trust in the judgments of the community. Nevertheless, with numerous subreddits now opting to remain inactive indefinitely, we might find ourselves grappling with a dearth of genuinely useful links for a longer duration than anticipated.

Granted, the Reddit workaround for leveraging Google’s search capabilities isn’t entirely defunctionaL. Some subreddits continue to operate normally, allowing users to stumble upon informative content like r/Games, which provides insights on Starfield. Certain communities have transitioned to a more restricted format, enabling users to still peruse posts, as exemplified by r/personalfinance. However, as we are navigating daily online activities, it is clear just how frequently we relied on Google to search for specific topics within Reddit. Until a viable solution emerges, the effectiveness of the Reddit trick may remain limited for the foreseeable future.


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