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Google makes it simpler to link an Android device to a Chromebook.



With the release of ChromeOS version 103 Google makes it simpler to link an Andriod device to a Chromebook!

Over the past year, Google has been developing new Android and Chromebook technologies to more effectively connect smartphones and computers. With the release of ChromeOS version 103 yesterday, Chromebook now connects to Android phones more easily.

ChromeOS’s Phone Hub feature, which was unveiled last year, is receiving a new recent photos addition. You will be able to easily view the most recent images you’ve shot on your phone inside the Phone Hub thanks to the ChromeOS version 103. It’s a quick method to avoid emailing oneself a snapshot or digging through Google Photographs to get your most current photos. Even while offline, it still works.

Google is also enhancing its Nearby Share function, which enables Chromebooks to connect to any Android phone-saved Wi-Fi network. This parallels the clever connection Apple offers between iOS devices and Mac to quickly exchange Wi-Fi passwords, making it simpler if a friend or member of your family wants to access to your Wi-Fi while using a Chromebook.

Google “Better Together”

In actuality, Google’s latest updates to ChromeOS are part of a larger initiative to compete with Microsoft’s Phone Link work and Apple’s ecosystem integrations. Google calls the programme “Better Together,” and it will roll out software changes that improve how Android, Chromebooks, and Bluetooth-connected devices all function together into 2022.

Google is developing a mechanism that will enable you to directly use third-party messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram on a Chromebook by mirroring any messaging app on your phone on the laptop.

Google’s “Fast Pair”

Google’s “Fast Pair” architecture will also make connecting Bluetooth headphones easier this summer. Chromebooks will recognise when a new set of Bluetooth headphones is nearby, and a pop-up notice will make pairing simple. It resembles the simple pairing process offered by Windows or when using AirPods on a Mac.

Google promises to provide further “Better Together” features later this year and to “share more interesting Chromebook announcements this summer.”

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