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Google Pixel Owners Beware – update causes faster battery drains and overheating nightmare.



Google Pixel
Google Pixel

Google Pixel users’ express frustration over faster battery depletion and excessive heat generation following a recent software update.

Several users of Google Pixel smartphones have taken to Reddit to express their concerns about certain issues they have encountered following the recent June Pixel feature drop update. These problems include a noticeable increase in battery drain, overheating of the devices, and a decrease in signal quality. Furthermore, some users have also reported difficulties in selecting text. It is important to note that Google has not officially acknowledged these bugs, and we have not personally validated these claims on our own Pixel phones.

The June update seems to be the problem.

The June Pixel feature drop update introduced a range of new and beneficial features for Google Pixel users. These include cinematic wallpapers, an emoji workshop, a macro focus mode for video, and improved AI-powered charging management, among others. In addition to the disclosed features, it is possible that the update may have also introduced certain hidden issues, such as the aforementioned battery drain, overheating, and signal drop problems. A post on the r/Googlepixel subreddit raised awareness of these potential issues, with some Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 users sharing their own experiences that align with the diminished performance on Google phones, which they attribute to the June feature drop update.

Update caused signal problems – claims user

One disgruntled owner of a Pixel smartphone recently voiced their frustration regarding the impact of a software update on their mobile connectivity. The individual, who works in an all-steel building, noticed a significant decline in their cellular signal strength following the update. Previously, even though the signal quality was not exceptional, it remained consistently present. However, after the update, the reliability of their cellular service became uncertain, leaving them uncertain whether they would have any signal at all. Thankfully, the individual found solace in the reliable in-house Wi-Fi network available at their workplace. This observation serves as an interesting testament to the tangible effects that software updates can have on the mobile connectivity experience for Pixel owners.

Overheating issue takes attention.

Google encountered a similar challenge related to overheating stemming from a server-side update to the Google app in May. Although the issue was promptly addressed by the company, it appears that signal, modem, and thermal problems persistently afflict the Tensor processor.

An increasing number of complaints have surfaced regarding battery performance on Google’s Pixel smartphones. The introduction of the Tensor processor, Google’s proprietary system-on-a-chip (SOC) platform, has been accompanied by a series of difficulties. Notably, this processor has garnered a reputation for generating excessive heat and causing battery-related concerns, mostly in Pixel 6a and Pixel 7a models.

However, Google’s Pixel devices still continue to hold their ground as exceptional Android smartphones. These devices boast sleek and sophisticated designs, accompanied by robust camera capabilities that capture stunning imagery. Moreover, the software experience offered by Pixel phones remains commendable, rivaling the simplicity and aesthetics of iOS, if not surpassing them.


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