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Google’s next high-end Pixel Phone leaks reveal some incredible specs that make the phone desirable.



Google Pixel Phones
Google Pixel 8

Google Pixel 8 has the best ultrawide rear camera with an additional sensor that has the ability to read your body temperature.

Google continues to struggle with maintaining secrecy around its unreleased Pixel devices, and the recently leaked photos of the Pixel 8 Pro further attest to this trend.
The leaked images, although unofficial, lend credibility to the existence of Google’s upcoming smartphone. While the company has always strived to keep its projects under tight wraps, leaks have become an inevitable part of the pre-launch hype surrounding Pixel devices. In the case of the Pixel 8 Pro, these unauthorized photographs offer a tantalizing preview, leaving fans eager to learn more about the device’s specifications and features.

A couple of images showcasing Google’s upcoming flagship smartphone were anonymously posted on Reddit earlier this week, granting us a glimpse of both the front and back panels of what appears to be an authentic Pixel 8 Pro in an outdoor setting. Although the original pictures were promptly taken down from Reddit, Droidlife managed to secure copies before their removal.


The design language of the Pixel 8 Pro remains faithful to its Pixel lineage, while introducing a few notable deviations from its predecessor, the Pixel 7 Pro. The rear photo of the device prominently exhibits a fresh triple-camera arrangement, distinctively encased within a single glass oval. This contrasts with the Pixel 7 Pro’s camera setup, which featured a separate telephoto lens. An additional sensor, presumably for measuring body temperature, can be observed adjacent to the camera flash. Unfortunately, no further details regarding the camera specifications have been disclosed at this stage. Nevertheless, previous leaks have indicated that the Pixel 8 Pro might be equipped with an impressive 50-megapixel primary sensor, a 64-megapixel ultrawide sensor, and a 48-megapixel telephoto sensor.

Tensor G3 processor

Furthermore, an intriguing detail captured in one of the leaked images is a sticker affixed to the back of the phone, denoting it as a prototype test unit and bearing the code name “Zuma.” This particular moniker corresponds to Google’s highly anticipated Tensor G3 processor, further fueling speculation about the device’s advanced capabilities. Adding to the mystique, a pattern of lines adorns the lower half of the phone. While the purpose or significance of this design element remains uncertain, it remains to be seen whether it will persist in the final version slated for release later this year.

Pixel 8 can read your body temperature

An earlier leak also confiemed the ability of the phone to read the body temperature. A demo went viral where an individual showcased the functionality of the Pixel 8 Pro by holding it in close proximity to their forehead and effortlessly gliding it across to capture a precise temperature measurement. This innovative feature appears to leverage a novel sensor positioned beneath the flash module specifically designed for this purpose. However, it is important to note that any eyewear or other potential obstructions need to be temporarily removed in order to utilize the thermometer effectively.

Pixel 8 series has the Fast Boot Screen

The recently leaked image of the Pixel 8 Pro showcases the device’s fast boot screen, revealing intriguing details about its specifications. Referred to as “Husky,” which is believed to be the rumored codename for the Pixel 8 Pro, the screen confirms the presence of impressive hardware features. Notably, the phone is equipped with a substantial 12GB of Samsung LPDDR5 RAM and offers a generous internal storage capacity of 128GB. Furthermore, it appears that Google has decided to abandon the curved display design, opting instead for a sleek and flat screen.

While this leaked image provides us with another glimpse of the Pixel 8 Pro, it is not the first time that details about the handset have emerged. Renderings of the Pixel 8 Pro with a similar design were leaked earlier in March, and an unofficial appearance of the phone was witnessed in an internal Google video leak in May. The hands-on images corroborate the changes previously identified in these leaks, further solidifying the anticipated modifications we can expect to see when the device is officially announced later this year.


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