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Instagram’s latest music-sharing feature evokes the nostalgia of MySpace.




What is old is now new again as Instagram is updating its Notes status tool with a new music-sharing feature.

This information comes from Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg who shared the update via the Broadcast channel on his Instagram account (which is only viewable on mobile). He states that users will soon be able to post a short 30-second clip of a song they like directly to their Notes for all their friends to listen to. It’s reminiscent of how people would post music on their old MySpace account back in the day – though it’s unknown if the songs will autoplay the moment you enter your message or if people have to tap the message first. Hopefully, it’s the latter.

Adding a song is very easy to do. Looking at the Instagram Help Center, all you have to do is tap the music note icon before writing a note. Choose the track, publish, and you’re done. People can also type in a small caption to go with the song, if they so choose.

Introducing an Enhanced Translation Tool

In addition to its recent musical update, recent online reports have unveiled an upcoming feature of Instagram Notes that is set to revolutionize language barriers. It has been revealed that Instagram Notes will soon integrate a translation capability for non-English languages. Users will soon notice a prominent “See translation” option beneath notes in their feeds. By simply tapping on this notice, users will be able to instantly convert the text into a language they are familiar with.

This innovative translation tool is an expansion of an existing function within the platform, which is already available for post descriptions and comments. Meta, the parent company of Instagram, is seamlessly extending this feature to enhance user experience across various sections of the app.

As of now, the exact launch date for these features remains undisclosed. At the time of writing, the anticipated update has not yet been made available to users. We have reached out to Meta for further clarification on aspects such as the potential autoplay of tracks, and will update this story with relevant information in due course.

Preparing for the Future

It is worth noting that Instagram is currently poised for an intriguing phase as it embraces new tools and features. Since the introduction of Notes in December, the popular social media platform has been actively exploring more socially-focused functionalities. In line with this, the company is discreetly working on a secretive venture—an independent decentralized social network designed for sharing text updates, similar to Twitter.

A recent company-wide meeting held at Meta HQ unveiled mock-ups of a potential competitor to Twitter, displayed directly within the Instagram interface. Internally referred to as “Threads,” this forthcoming platform aims to establish a well-managed environment, seemingly taking a subtle dig at Twitter’s current period of instability under Elon Musk’s leadership.

From our perspective, these recent developments are part of Meta’s strategic long-term plan to equip both Instagram and its user base for a significant forthcoming transition, although precise dates have not been disclosed by Chris Cox, the chief product officer, during the initial presentation.

In the meantime, we encourage you to explore TechRadar’s comprehensive compilation of noteworthy Twitter alternatives while awaiting the impending shifts on the horizon.


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