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iPhone 15 Pro Max display can be seen from all angles in the new leaked images.



The latest photo revelation for the most costly iPhone 15 Pro Max variant focuses on a few modifications from the current model.

The latest leaks show renderings of the iPhone 15 Pro Max from almost every angle thanks to well-known tipster Ice Universe. It appears that the photos are based on schematic data that Apple sent to its supply chain partners.

We had previously speculated that the iPhone 15 Ultra would be a whole different model, but it’s inferred that it will be rebranded Pro Max. It’s interesting that the leaks about iPhone 15 Ultra came from the same source that previously gave us sneak peeks into the “iPhone 15 Pro Max (or iPhone 15 Ultra)”.

Camera Bump:

The chassis is more curved than it was previously, but there aren’t many significant design changes from the iPhone 14 Pro Plus. The height and the width are claimed to be slightly smaller on the 2023 model, although the thickness has gone up a little. Nevertheless, we are discussing millimetre-scale fractions here. It appears that those fractions also apply to the rear camera bulge. With the bump on the iPhone 15 Pro Max expected to be a little bit less than on its predecessor it looks that this time around, the camera bump will be a little bit different on every iPhone.

You can also observe that there are holes for the power and volume buttons in these photos, possibly because Apple is employing solid-state haptic buttons this year. These images also reveal the anticipated switch from Lightning to USB-C for the data and charging connector.

An analysis of Apple’s leaks

We’ve seen a lot of information about the next iPhone 15 range just in the last few days, which we believe doesn’t make Apple CEO Tim Cook too happy. The unofficial renderings of both the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Plus have been seen lately.

Also, the new USB-C connector has been seen in the wild, and there are whispers that the iPhone 15 Pro may come in a brand-new dark red colour. The leaks from the previous week or so are the only ones mentioned.

A firm like Apple, which keeps its cards close to its vest, must be concerned about that, especially now that it seems like there are more leaks than usual. For another seven months, a complete debut of these phones is anticipated. It demonstrates how tough it is to maintain secrecy in the modern world, especially when a large number of partners and suppliers are also involved. Leaks can come from any of them, and it is challenging for Apple to maintain control over each link in the iPhone chain.

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