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Meta’s Twitter clone, Instagram Threads, starts launch countdown, get to know the release date plus a few details on how it works.



Instagram Threads
Meta launches Instagram Threads

If you are already done with twitter, you might not have to wait long to get Instagram Threads as per the App store listing.

Meta, the social media giant behind Instagram, is poised to release its highly anticipated Twitter rival, Instagram Threads, on July 6th. The evidence supporting this claim lies within the App Store listing for the app, which showcases a fully functional version specifically tailored for Apple’s iPhone platform. Interestingly, an Android listing for Threads briefly surfaced on Google Play last Saturday, exhibiting strikingly similar screenshots and providing initial information. While another listing on Google Play, which remains accessible, lacks a specific release date, the App Store page seems to provide an authoritative source for the official launch date of Threads.

Instagram ‘Threads’ will steal Twitter use base

Meta’s foray into the competitive realm of microblogging marks a significant development in the company’s ongoing efforts to diversify its social media offerings. With Instagram Threads, the company aims to capture a slice of the Twitter user base by providing a distinctive and engaging platform for real-time communication and content sharing. By leveraging the popularity and existing user base of Instagram, Meta hopes to seamlessly integrate Threads into the wider Instagram ecosystem, enhancing user convenience and fostering increased engagement.

As the anticipation for Threads builds, users eagerly await the promised features and functionalities that set it apart from existing platforms. While precise details remain scarce, Meta has hinted at unique capabilities that emphasize seamless sharing, dynamic conversations, and enhanced privacy controls. These features are expected to enable users to effortlessly connect with their preferred communities, share updates in real time, and curate their online experiences according to their preferences.

How to access Instagram ‘Threads’

The Apple store listing showcases identical screenshots as those found on the Google Play listing. These screenshots illustrate the process of logging in using an Instagram handle, discovering Instagram accounts on the new application, and posting content within a user interface resembling that of Twitter, Mastodon, Bluesky, and other text-oriented social platforms.

A Meta companywide meeting reportedly took place last month. During this meeting, Meta executives revealed their plans to incorporate Instagram Threads with the decentralized social media protocol known as ActivityPub, utilized by Mastodon. It was during this gathering that an executive expressed the following sentiment: “We have been receiving feedback from content creators and public figures who express interest in having a well-managed platform.” This statement sparked discussions about a potential clash between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, likening it to a “cage match.”

People may want to bail on Twitter.

The announcement of Threads’ launch comes amidst a tumultuous period for its primary competitor, Twitter. In recent days, the social media platform owned by Elon Musk has imposed restrictions on unregistered users, preventing them from accessing tweets. Moreover, temporary rate limits have been implemented for logged-in users, potentially leading to blocking after browsing through a large number of posts in a single day. Consequently, these modifications have caused widespread disruption, leaving users unable to navigate the service smoothly.

Twitter lauches Tweet Deck

In a surprising move, Twitter has also initiated significant changes to TweetDeck, a widely utilized tool among journalists and social media professionals. These alterations coincided with the app experiencing difficulties, supposedly due to the strain caused by data-scraping efforts aimed at fueling AI models. Furthermore, TweetDeck is set to transition into a paid feature within approximately one month. Many Twitter users attempted to switch to Bluesky over the holiday weekend; however, the service suspended new user signups for more than a day to address issues arising from the overwhelming influx of users. In contrast, the CEO of Mastodon expressed optimism amidst these developments.

Upon learning about Threads’ launch date, Elon Musk responded to several tweets highlighting the extensive user data that Meta’s App Store listing indicates Threads may collect. In reply to one tweet, he remarked, “Thank goodness they’re so sanely run.” Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey chimed in with a screenshot of Threads’ data collection notice, humorously captioned, “All your Threads are belong to us.” Musk simply responded with a casual “Yeah.” It is worth noting that Instagram’s existing app already associates the same data with user accounts, as specified in its app store listing.


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