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Microsoft Explorer’s File Recommendations feature helps discover relevant files effortlessly.



The Windows 11 File Explorer feature brings users the most relevant file content straight to their fingers,’ however it’s currently only available for corporate customers.

Microsoft is testing a new feature called “File Recommendations” in its File Explorer application that will suggest specific files to open when users visit the home tab. This feature will allow the users to access their most important files by pinning them at the top of the section.

When you visit the home tab in File Explorer, a feature called File Suggestions does exactly what its name implies: it displays certain files that you might wish to open at the top. The feature may be a hint of things to come, both good and bad, even if it is still in its very early phases.

The company explains in a blog post that the present version is only accessible to some Insiders in its Dev Channel who have installed the Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23403 upgrade and that using an Azure Active Directory account is the only way to access it (meaning that currently, this feature feels squarely aimed at business users).

If you do have it, it will propose cloud files that you have shared with you or that you own.

Microsoft admits it will “see how it falls before putting it out to everyone,” indicating that it is aware the feature may be divisive. Although it appears from the screenshot that you can collapse the Suggested area, some of that may simply be due to the fact that not everyone will want surprising results in their file browser.

We are aware that Microsoft has been experimenting with advertisements in File Explorer, which raises another reason why it should be a cause for concern. It’s simple to picture a recommendation system that initially serves a true purpose by highlighting the files you need to work on before beginning to suggest more items.

In addition to the File Suggestions test, Build 23403 adds a few additional intriguing tests. It increases the number of languages that Windows Live Captions may handle, including French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

Additionally, it is integrating its Access Keys system into the contextual menu in File Explorer, allowing you to choose items like “Open With” or “Copy as Path” by pressing the menu key (which is located next to your Windows key but on the opposite side of the space bar) and the corresponding letter. The company however, clarifies that not everyone has access to this feature yet.


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