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Microsoft finally grants Free Access to Outlook for Mac.



Outlook for Mac

Microsoft Outlook is now freely available to users On MacOS. Microsoft 365 membership or Office licence are no longer required.

Microsoft finally made Outlook for Mac completely free to use. Outlook no longer requires a Microsoft 365 membership or an Office licence and is now available in the Apple App Store for free. Mac users can now power up their Mac experience with free Outlook and seamlessly manage productivity. It’s a surprising move that fits with Microsoft’s efforts to upgrade the web capabilities of its Outlook email client for Windows PC. Top of FormBottom of Form

Outlook for Mac includes support for accounts, Google, iCloud, Yahoo, and any IMAP-enabled email provider. Microsoft updated the appearance of its Mac email client in 2020, making it more compatible with Apple’s most recent Mac OS design updates.

Moreover, Outlook for Mac supports native notification centre functionality and provides a Mac OS widget for calendar entries that is optimised for M1 and M2 chips. You can take up work where you left off across iOS and Mac devices with Outlook for Mac’s support for handoff with iOS capability.

The main Outlook for Mac software will soon include a menu bar peek option that will allow users to rapidly view calendar entries. The software company also intends to support Apple’s Focus experience with new Outlook Profiles that will be released soon.

Microsoft’s intention to make Outlook for Mac free comes precisely as the company is in the middle of redesigning its Outlook for Windows software. With ambitions to merge the Windows Mail programme and Outlook for Windows into a single email client, Microsoft has been developing a new web-powered version of Outlook for almost a year. as a Progressive Web App is essentially what the new “One Outlook” app is (PWA). This new client will support a number of email providers and be free, exactly as Outlook for Mac and Windows Mail.

The business clarified that there are no plans to change Outlook for Mac to a progressive web app after this story was published. Michael Palermiti, partner product group manager for Outlook said “The new Outlook for Mac is a native macOS app. Microsoft plans to continue building and maintaining best-in-class native apps on macOS and iOS. No Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are planned for Mac Outlook.”

It doesn’t imply that the business won’t soon release updates for it. Product manager for Outlook for Mac Jeremy Perdue in an interview said, “There is more to do and many more things we are excited to bring to the Outlook Mac experience.”We are completely reinventing Outlook for Mac to make it faster, more dependable, and an Outlook for everyone.”

It’s clear that Microsoft is not resting on its laurels after making Outlook for Mac free to use. With the exciting updates on the horizon, users can look forward to a more robust and intuitive Outlook experience on their Mac. We can’t wait to see what Microsoft has in store next!


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