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15 New ‘Windows 11 updates’ feature the new AI-powered Bing search to the taskbar, Phone Link for iOS, and more.



Microsoft is releasing a big update to Windows 11 that adds the company’s new AI-powered Bing search to the taskbar along with many other cool features.

A significant update to Windows 11 from Microsoft brings the company’s new Ai-driven Bing search to its taskbar allowing users to search for answers in a conversational manner, similar to ChatGPT. Along with a number of other new features, the new Windows 11 upgrade will provide instant access to the new Bing chat tool. Moreover, tabs inside Notepad, a better touch mode, a screen recording tool, and other improvements are set to come with the big Windows 11 update.

Bing Search:

  • The taskbar’s search box will get a new Bing icon, and Microsoft will highlight the improved chat replies feature in the search fly-out.
  • Windows 11 users will be able to rapidly launch a Bing conversation in Edge from this location, provided they have access to the Bing preview, even if chat responses won’t be directly displayed within the search fly-out.


  • Microsoft is also adding third-party alternatives from Meta and Spotify to its widgets system in Windows 11.  
  • Windows 11 will now have a formal screen recording function. Microsoft’s most recent update gives the Snipping Tool the ability to record displays. The feature was previously limited to the Xbox app and did not support desktop recording or the option to minimise an app while recording.
  • The Snipping Tool now supports screen recording, allowing you to take a screenshot of the entire screen or just crop the screen for apps.
  •  Microsoft has also created a quick settings tile for Windows Studio Effects. You can now use Windows Studio Effects with advanced AI to enhance the visual and audio experience when on calls or video meetings.


  • With the latest updates, a new taskbar designed for tablets improves the touch experience in the new version of Windows 11.
  • With a device like a Surface Pro, disconnecting the keyboard will now cause the taskbar to collapse, becoming more compact and optimised for touch.
  • Soon, hundreds of millions of Windows 11 users will have access to the amazing features allowing them to search, chat, respond to inquiries, and create content directly from their taskbar.
  • Along with new toggles to increase laptop energy efficiency, Microsoft is also adding additional Braille display support and pulling its voice access feature out of preview.


  • Microsoft is also enhancing the built-in Teams experience to make it easier for users to preview their videos and access chats more quickly.
  • A redesign of the Quick Assist tool in Windows 11 makes it simpler to offer technical support to friends and family who may need it.
  • If you enjoy using Notepad, you’ll probably be happy to learn that the new Windows 11 update includes tab support. The most recent version of the Notepad app available on the Microsoft Store allows users to access multiple files in the same window and also includes some design improvements and new features including a new indicator for unsaved changes.
  • The updates also include full-screen widgets, and quick access to the Windows 365 app to go from desktop straight to Cloud PC, and more.


  • The significant new Windows 11 update isn’t only about Bing. Microsoft is also releasing a preview of its iOS Phone Link app, enabling iPhone owners to connect their devices to Windows and access their data directly on a Windows PC.
  • With the latest update, you can link your iPhone directly to your Windows 11 PC with the Phone Link App introduced for Apple iOS to make and receive calls, notifications, and messages, including iMessage on your Windows device.

By manually checking for new updates through Windows Update settings (Settings > Windows Update) and selecting Check for up, you can access all of these new features in Windows 11. As per Microsoft, they will be widely released on March 14th.

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