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Microsoft unveals a sleek black Xbox Series S featuring an expanded 1TB storage capacity, priced attractively at just $349.



Xbox series S

The Xbox Series S earlier hit the market in a sleek white design, offering a compact size and a storage capacity of 512GB.

Microsoft recently unveiled an exciting addition to its gaming console lineup: a sleek black version of the Xbox Series S, accompanied by a substantial 1TB of built-in storage. During the highly anticipated Xbox Games Showcase, the company introduced this new iteration on Xbox showcase 2023 boasting a striking black paint job and enhanced storage capacity, while retaining the beloved features of its predecessor. Scheduled for release on September 1st, the 1TB black Xbox Series S will be available at an affordable price point of $349, with pre-orders now open to eager gamers.

Presenting the carbon black Xbox Series S on the event stage, Xbox chief Phil Spencer revealed that Microsoft has taken steps to address the overwhelming demand for its consoles. By ramping up shipments of the Xbox Series X, the company aims to cater to the desires of enthusiastic players who are eagerly awaiting the next-generation gaming experience.

The 1TB storage is a hit move.

The Xbox Series S has been upgraded to a more substantial 1TB storage option after being first released at a price point of $299 and with a meagre 512GB of storage. The gaming community has praised this improvement generally since it gives players more room to keep their preferred games, downloadable material, and other assets. This news coincidentally comes after Western Digital recently revealed their own line of Xbox storage extension cards, giving owners of Xbox Series S a much-needed accessory to increase its storage space. The expansion cards from Western Digital come in two sizes: 512GB and 1TB, with the former costing $79.99.

Getting the price right

Microsoft’s choice to charge $349 for the upgraded Xbox Series S model reflects a small price increase of $50 in exchange for the extra 512GB of storage. In order to provide gamers with a flawless experience without going over their budget, this pricing model tries to strike a balance between cost and extended storage possibilities. The launch of this new Series S model on September 1st, which coincides with the eagerly awaited autumn releases of Starfield and Forza Motorsport, is perfectly timed. As a result, gamers who choose the updated model may start playing these eagerly awaited games right now without worrying about running out of storage space.

Specs: Xbox series

The Xbox Series S has gained significant popularity over its larger counterpart due to its more affordable price and compact design. It is important to highlight that this sleek system operates at a resolution of 1440p, as opposed to the 4K (2160p) capability of the Xbox Series X. Consequently, users will experience approximately half the total on-screen resolution. Nevertheless, when paired with one of the top monitors for Xbox Series X, particularly a high refresh rate 1440p (QHD) panel, the Xbox Series S can truly showcase its capabilities.

Microsoft is giving gamers improved storage options to accommodate their expanding libraries with the addition of the 1TB storage option and the accessibility of Western Digital’s expansion cards. The expanded capacity offers enough room for downloaded material, updates, and patches in addition to enabling the installation of more games. With the increasing size of modern game installations, gamers frequently find themselves running out of storage space. Microsoft has taken a proactive approach to addressing this issue.


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