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Microsoft’s ChatGPT breaks free and takes over in Bing Search



ChatGPT in Bing

Microsoft’s ChatGPT-driven Bing to dethrone Google’s search dominance gains momentum.

Microsoft is expanding its use of the ChatGPT-powered AI to the Bing search website. Users may now see the chatbot appear and provide answers alongside search results. A tech site Bleeping Computer noticed this integration. The tech site found that the AI could provide information drawn from multiple sources on a particular query. For instance, a search for the ‘winver’ command in Windows prompted the Bing AI to appear and explain what it was, along with the sources. The ‘winver’ command in Windows allows you to ask the operating system for specific information about the version of Windows 11 (or 10) you’re using. As the first item you see at the top of the search results page, Bing AI automatically explains this as well as additional information.

Microsoft’s ChatGPT-powered AI poised to revolutionize Bing search and challenge Google’s dominance

Microsoft’s ChatGPT-powered AI is set to change the way we search with Bing. This development is seen as a direct challenge to Google’s dominance in the search engine market. As the chatbot appears in Bing searches, it will provide users with answers and suggestions drawn from multiple sources.

The chatbot will also give users the option to continue chatting with it to further explore their queries. It will provide users with the option to use the chatbot for assistance alongside search results.

The ChatGPT-powered AI is a sophisticated language model that comprehends and react to user input in natural language. It analyses enormous volumes of data using machine learning algorithms to produce precise and pertinent answers to the user’s inquiry. It recognises patterns and comprehends linguistic nuance.

The new Bing AI is still in the testing phase and is available only to users who have signed up for it. The chatbot is set to be integrated into the full Bing search results, though in a limited fashion.

The way individuals look for information online may change as a result of the chatbot’s integration with Bing search results. Users can simply ask the chatbot for help and get a prompt response rather than having to trawl through pages of search results. This can speed up the search process for users and save them time.

Uncertainties and Concerns Loom

Although Microsoft’s move is significant,, there are doubts regarding the accuracy of the selected responses provided by the chatbot. Although Microsoft asserts that its AI technology is sufficiently sophisticated to prevent errors, mistakes could still occur as the bot is still being developed.

However, there are concerns, that Microsoft is putting too much trust in AI to provide accurate and reliable answers. In the past, people have criticized Microsoft’s AI for its accuracy, and it remains unclear if Microsoft has fully resolved these issues.

What about the smaller websites

Another concern is that smaller websites may be affected by the introduction of the chatbot. While the Bing AI credits the sources it draws upon, users may be satisfied with the chatbot’s response and not click through to the websites that have been cited. This could lead to decreased traffic for these websites and potentially harm their businesses.

The development of AI chatbots like Bing’s new AI poses significant challenges to the wider rollout of AI entities. One of the major evident problems is how to balance the interests of larger corporations with those of smaller players on the web. It remains to be seen whether the integration of the chatbot into Bing search results will be fair to all stakeholders. While previously users had to specifically access the “New Bing” option to engage with the chatbot. Now it appears to be appearing unrequested in search results.


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