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Microsoft’s LinkedIn announces layoffs, letting Go of 716 Employees in latest round.



LinkedIn layoff

LinkedIn, a professional networking site owned by Microsoft, plans to fire 716 workers, or approximately 3.5% of its workforce, and shut down its China-specific job application.

In a recent development, Microsoft-owned professional networking site LinkedIn stated that it would be eliminating 716 jobs from its workforce. LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky informed staff of the plan to downsize in a letter, noting that positions in the sales, operations, and support teams will be most affected. The action is intended to streamline business operations and get rid of any layers that might be holding up decision-making.

LinkedIn has made these adjustments in an effort to better match its resources with its strategic aims, despite the fact that its income increased in each of the last twelve months’ quarters.

The business today has around 20,000 employees worldwide and is well-known in the professional networking industry. LinkedIn expects that by making this change, it will become a more flexible and focussed organisation that can quickly change with the needs of the marketplace.

LinkedIn has also disclosed the closure of its China-specific job application in addition to the job losses. The business had released the app in 2014 in an effort to increase its market share in China. LinkedIn has now chosen to shut down the app because it was unable to garner much traction.

It is worth noting that LinkedIn’s decision to reduce its workforce comes just a few months after Microsoft announced its own massive job cuts. The internet giant had revealed in March that as part of a larger reorganisation effort, it would be eliminating 5,000 jobs, mostly in its sales and marketing teams. Despite these losses, Microsoft and LinkedIn are still significant players in the computer sector, and analysts and investors will be keeping a careful eye on their future performance.

Phasing out of the China app “In career”.

In addition to the news of its layoffs, LinkedIn has made the decision to phase out its China app. This move comes after the company withdrew from the Chinese market earlier this year, citing difficult operating conditions. To streamline its operations, LinkedIn has chosen to reduce and eventually eliminate its jobs app in China, known as InCareers. By August 9th, the app will no longer be available, marking the end of LinkedIn’s presence in the Chinese job market.

In a recent announcement on its website, LinkedIn shared that it has come to the difficult decision to discontinue its InCareer service effective August 9th, 2023. Despite making strides initially, InCareer encountered strong competition and challenging macroeconomic conditions, ultimately leading the company to discontinue the service.

According to a LinkedIn spokesman, the company will continue to have personnel in China to assist Chinese businesses in finding and training workers abroad. The only significant Western social media network present in China is LinkedIn.

The company had made a commitment to follow Chinese government regulations when it was founded in 2014 in order to conduct business there. In a letter to Ryan Roslansky, CEO of LinkedIn, and Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, at the time, US senator Rick Scott referred to the action as “gross appeasement and an act of submission to Communist China.”

However, LinkedIn remains committed to maintaining a presence in China and supporting companies operating in the country. Moving forward, the company will shift its focus to providing access to economic opportunities through its Talent and Marketing solutions. Additionally, LinkedIn plans to offer Learning Solutions later this year to further assist individuals and organizations in China.


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