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Third-party apps like Asana and Zapier are available on Google Chat along with other 7 cool features like Gifs and Smart compose.



Google chat introduces third party apps
Google Chat introduces third party apps like Asana and Zapier

Now craft a response with smart compose, add Asana to your group chat to create to-do lists, check read receipts, and more

A number of significant upgrades to Google Chat indicate a change in strategy from focusing mostly on companies to maybe embracing a more WhatsApp-like functionality. While not revolutionary, these improvements include a number of features that are often present in messaging services of a similar nature and help people communicate with friends and family. By introducing these features into its platform, Google seems to be catching up to its rivals.

Edit and Delete messages in Google Chat:

The long-awaited capability for users to modify or delete texts within the app is one big innovation. Users can access the edit or delete options by just pressing and holding a specific text, which is similar to how it works on other messaging services. Users of the desktop version can pick the relevant action, such as editing or deleting, by just hovering on the desired message.

Quote a message:

The addition of message quoting, which tries to preserve context in crowded group discussions, is another interesting innovation. Users have the option to quote specific messages, ensuring that the important details are not obliterated in the bustle of talks. In group discussions where several issues are being discussed at once, this quoting capability is quite helpful.

Hide Inactive discussions:

Google Chat now gives users the option to conceal inactive discussions that have gone unattended for at least a week in order to improve the overall user experience. By removing pointless distractions and streamlining their communication environment, this tool gives users the chance to clean up their chat interface.

Google Chat attempts to satisfy the changing demands and expectations of its user base by including these new functionalities. Although they might not be revolutionary, these upgrades unquestionably improve the platform’s usability and functionality. Everything we just discussed is already available. Once the patch is available for your desktop computer or smartphone, all you have to do is install it.

Upcoming Enhancements in Google Chat:

Google Chat has an ongoing commitment to enhancing its services, with further additions on the horizon. While these forthcoming features may seem fundamental, they undoubtedly offer valuable functionality.

Read Receipts:

One such improvement is the introduction of read receipts for group chats, set to be available by the end of this month. Presently, read receipts are already supported for direct messages, and their expansion to group chats will enable users to ascertain message visibility. In terms of user interface, profile pictures will be relocated to the lower right-hand corner, optimizing the overall visual experience.

Add link to text:

Furthermore, Google Chat will soon incorporate the capability to add hyperlinks to text—an unexpected but welcomed addition that will enhance convenience for users accessing the platform via web and Android.

Google Chat has a Smart Compose tool:

The latest patch introduces several noteworthy features geared towards enhancing productivity in the workplace. One such addition is the AI-powered Smart Compose tool, which Gmail users are already familiar with. Designed to aid in message composition, this innovative feature harnesses artificial intelligence to provide contextually-aware suggestions, thereby reducing the likelihood of grammatical errors. Notably, this update is gradually being made available to all web users in five languages, including English and Spanish, to ensure a wider accessibility and improved user experience.

Third party app support:

Google Chat’s upcoming plans to introduce third-party app support, albeit predominantly business-related like Asana, signal an expansion of the platform’s capabilities. However, the absence of streaming services or games raises questions about Google’s intentions. In contrast, competitors such as Zoom have already incorporated a diverse range of party games.

One may ponder the motivation behind Google’s endeavor to broaden Chat’s scope. Initially, it appeared that the company was satisfied with positioning Chat as a dedicated tool for professional communication. Even the forthcoming redesign seems tailored to cater to the needs of professionals rather than the average user. Nevertheless, this recent update challenges the notion of Chat being exclusively business-oriented.

Considering the enormous user base of WhatsApp, comprising billions of individuals, it begs the question: Is it truly wise for Google to enter into direct competition? Hopefully, the inclusion of these seven features reflects a well-defined vision for the future of the platform, rather than Google needlessly inflating Chat’s functionalities. It is worth noting that the tech giant previously discontinued Hangouts due to similar concerns of unnecessary bloat.


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