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OnePlus’s coolest concept phone has a feature that can enhance your gaming performance.



OnePlus claims that its Active CryoFlux cooling system, which is visible in the vibrant strips on the rear, enhances charging and gaming performance.

The newest concept phone from OnePlus is all about staying cool. At MWC Barcelona, the business displayed the OnePlus 11 Concept device, which has luminous blue pipelines on its back to simulate the cooling liquid of the business’s “Active CryoFlux” cooling technology.

Clearly, it is intended to make the phone case more cool and spectacular, but according to OnePlus, the cooling system has a significant and useful function. The method, according to the manufacturer, might improve gaming performance and (slightly) speed up charging times without the “size, weight, and noise” of a physically rotating fan, as we’ve seen from companies like Nubia or in smartphone cooling accessories from Razer or Asus.

A temperature decrease of 2.1 degrees Celsius (around 3.78 degrees Fahrenheit) while gaming, according to OnePlus, might lead to an improvement in the performance of three to four frames per second. Alternately, the Active CryoFlux technology may lower temperatures by 1.6 degrees Celsius (about 2.88 degrees Fahrenheit) while the device is charging, shortening the time needed to charge it by 30 to 45 seconds.

We’ll have to take the business’s word for the useful advantages since none of these performance advantages could be seen with the OnePlus 11 Concept devices the company was showcasing during its MWC demonstration, but they certainly appear attractive.

According to OnePlus, the liquid is pushed through the cooling system’s pipelines by an “industrial-grade piezoelectric ceramic micropump” that occupies less area than 0.2 square centimetres. Although it’s unclear if other internal components were shrunk to make room for the concept pieces, the concept phone didn’t feel particularly thick or heavy in the hand.

Unfortunately, it’s unclear whether or when the Active CryoFlux cooling system will be available for purchase by the general public. Similar prototype smartphones from OnePlus have previously been unveiled, including one with a colour-changing back and another with cameras that vanish, but neither of these innovations have yet been commercialised. It would be unfortunate if the OnePlus 11 Concept suffered the same fate.

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