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Over six thousand subreddits have united in protest, by going private against Reddit API pricing policy.



A large number of subreddits have decided to go private, starting from June 12th, as a direct response to revised API pricing announced earlier by Reddit.

A significant movement has emerged on Reddit, with more than six thousand subreddits, including renowned communities such as r/funny, r/aww, r/gaming, r/music, and r/science, opting to go private as a form of protest against Reddit’s forthcoming API pricing adjustments. This decision effectively restricts public access to these communities, even for previously subscribed Reddit users. To monitor the scope of this phenomenon, a Twitch stream has been set up to track the exact number of subreddits that have gone dark.

The motivation behind this protest originated from the predicament faced by developers of several beloved third-party Reddit applications, who recently voiced their inability to afford the updated API pricing set by the platform. Last week, the creators of Apollo for Reddit and other notable apps declared their intentions to cease operations on June 30th due to these API changes.

The community’s frustration reached a boiling point as the impending API changes threatened the existence of beloved third-party apps such as Apollo and rif is fun for Reddit. With each passing day, developers voiced their concerns, igniting a firestorm of protest. However, instead of alleviating tensions, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman’s recent responses have further fueled the community’s determination to push back.

The Reddit protest

While some participating subreddits have committed to a 48-hour private period from June 12th to June 14th, there are others who plan to remain private until the situation undergoes a meaningful transformation. This determination has been conveyed in a prominently displayed post within the subreddit r/Save3rdPartyApps.

This decision was not taken lightly by any of us. Our unwavering passion for Reddit and our deep-rooted belief in its core values are what drive our actions. We genuinely feel that this proposed alteration will present insurmountable obstacles in continuing our cherished endeavors,stated r/Toptomcat in their post. A number of subreddits, such as r/TIHI (Thanks, I Hate It) and r/polls, did not even wait until Monday to express their solidarity. These subreddits promptly went offline following the unfavorable response to CEO Steve Huffman’s AMA held on Friday.

Redditors show solidarity with Apollo

Christian Selig, the developer behind the Apollo app, was overwhelmed by the remarkable unity exhibited by Reddit’s community in their resistance to the proposed modifications, particularly in response to his post highlighting the contentious issue of Reddit’s API pricing. Expressing his astonishment, Selig shared his sentiments on the Apollo subreddit, stating, “It is truly remarkable to witness the collective strength of the Reddit community in taking a stand. My sincere hope is that Reddit takes heed of our concerns.” Selig firmly believes that demonstrating compassion by offering apologies and acknowledging the mishandling of the process, along with making concrete commitments to grant developers more time, would be pivotal in assuaging the community’s concerns and fostering a renewed sense of trust.

“As the subreddit blackout begins, I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to the Reddit community and everyone standing up : r/apolloapp”

No new posts on reddit

While a significant number of subreddits have opted to transition into private mode, others, such as r/NintendoSwitch, r/Frugal, and r/StarWars, have decided to restrict the submission of new posts. Although historical posts remain visible, moderators have temporarily disallowed the submission of fresh content on these communities during the protest. Notably, the subreddit r/DankMemes remains accessible to the public, albeit with the condition that users can only share memes pertaining to the API changes.

Within the subreddit r/ModCoord, several distinct threads have been established to compile an “incomplete and expanding list of participating subreddits.” This list encompasses numerous renowned communities boasting tens of millions of subscribers.


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