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Introducing Pokémon Sleep, a lifestyle and health app by Select Button that rewards you for taking good rest.



Pokémon Sleep
Pokemon Sleep

Pokémon sleep is set to launch this July, the app tracks your sleep schedule and monitors your sleep patterns.

Pokémon sleep represents yet another remarkable stride by The Pokémon Company as it ventures into the realm of lifestyle and health applications. Since its initial announcement, this addition to the beloved franchise has garnered substantial anticipation. While specific release details are still forthcoming, we can glean valuable insights from the trailers that have been unveiled.

If you are already acquainted with the popular mobile game Pokémon Go, you are likely familiar with the concept of pocket-sized Pokémon. However, Pokémon Sleep aims to revolutionize this experience by taking it a step further. It will monitor and analyze your sleep patterns, presenting you with delightful rewards in the form of themed items for a restful slumber.

Pokémon Sleep rewards you with themed items for a good rest

For dedicated players who have been actively engaging with Pokémon Go since its inception, the concept of pocket-sized Pokémon is nothing new. Nevertheless, the innovative app takes this concept to new heights by diligently tracking your sleep schedule and providing you with enticing Pokémon-themed rewards. Moreover, the introduction of a novel peripheral device called the Pokémon Go Plus + offers the opportunity to enhance your experience by integrating it with the application.

Trailer Highlights:

During Pokémon Day 2023, the most recent trailer for Pokémon Sleep was unveiled, providing captivating glimpses into the immersive world of the game. The trailer showcases trainers waking up to the delightful presence of various Pokémon companions. Alongside these heartwarming scenes, the trailer also features compelling quotes that emphasize The Pokémon Company’s commitment to enhancing the quality of your sleep.

Although this specific trailer did not showcase any gameplay footage, it was promptly followed by an insightful breakdown of the new app. For a comprehensive understanding of the upcoming Pokémon Sleep experience, you can find the detailed breakdown below, which offers valuable insights into the app’s features and functionality.

Transforming the act of sleeping into entertainment

Pokémon Sleep, developed by Select Button in collaboration with Niantic, is an innovative mobile app that transcends the traditional concept of gaming and offers a unique sleep tracking experience. Rather than being labeled as a game, Pokémon Sleep is positioned as an application that revolves around monitoring sleep patterns and transforming the act of sleeping into an engaging form of entertainment.

The official description of the app sheds light on some intriguing features, emphasizing its goal to intertwine sleep and gameplay. It states, “Pokémon Sleep aims to revolutionize the notion of sleep by integrating a player’s sleep duration and wake-up time to impact the gameplay experience.”

Sleep Well

In a recent update from The Pokémon Company, the app reportedly also functions by meticulously tracking the user’s nightly sleep patterns and subsequently assigning a score based on specific sleep targets, such as the duration and consistency of one’s sleep schedule. However, whether the app will reward or penalize users for indulging in a few extra hours of slumber remains a mystery, sparking curiosity and speculation among enthusiasts.

As you sleep, you’ll put your smartphone by your bed. You will be informed about the type of sleep you received the previous night when you awake. The Pokémon with the same sleeping type as you are then matched with this type. These will show up in the game, letting you to continue to steadily gather Pokémon Additionally, you can use Pokémon Go Plus+, the most recent iteration of the Plus tracker used in conjunction with Pokémon Go. As well as tracking Pokémon, it will reportedly soon be able to send vital “sleep information to your smartphone via Bluetooth


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