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Some worthy features in iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 that Apple missed to show in WWDC 2023



iOS17 iPadOS

 iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 have got some new updates that will change how you use your Apple devices.

There are many interesting new features and improvements included in the most recent versions of Apple’s operating systems, iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 that were left unannounced in WWDC Showcase 2023. Users of Apple products can benefit from these updates’ enhanced functionality and practicality.

What’s new: A feature that adds a contemporary touch to the call experience is the ability to answer calls while someone is leaving a voicemail. Users may now also send video messages using FaceTime, enabling more dynamic and participatory communication.
Additionally, Apple has provided iPad users with collaborative PDF editing tools, easing document collaboration and boosting productivity. With this functionality, many users can edit PDF files at once, facilitating smooth document sharing and editing.

Devices that will not support iOS 17 and iPadOS 17

The iPhone X, 8, and 8 Plus will no longer be supported with the release of iOS 17 and iPadOS 17. With past operating system updates, Apple previously supported older models, for instance, older smartphones could be updated to iOS 13, iOS 14, and iOS 15. Thus, this choice represents a change from the old practise.

Moreover, support for iPadOS 17 won’t be extended to the fifth-generation iPad or the first-generation iPad Pro.

AirTag and Find My

Apple has unveiled the much-anticipated sharing features AirTag and Find My. Users can share their AirTag tracking devices and other Find My accessories with up to five others using this capability. With this improvement, monitoring personal objects is now more possible and the collaborative nature of finding belongings is improved.

Maps can support offline downloads

Additionally, offline downloads are now supported by Apple Maps, a capability that has long been offered by rival platforms. Users can now download map data in advance, guaranteeing navigation even in locations with spotty or nonexistent internet connectivity.

Electric vehicle routing

The addition of routing options for electric vehicles is another major improvement. Users are given the option to browse charging stations along their itineraries, along with information on their current availability. Long-distance travels with electric vehicles can be planned and carried out more easily thanks to the option for users to select their preferred charging network. Although this feature has been a part of Google Maps since 2019, the addition of Apple Maps broadens the range of choices for consumers.

Spotlight search function

Finally, the Spotlight search function will now provide app shortcuts in the Top Hit card. Users can now quickly access their favoured Apple Photo albums or other commonly used apps from the Spotlight search screen thanks to this change.

Introducing Visual Look Up:

Unleashing the Potential of Your Food Photography to Discover Recipes

When iOS 15 was released, Apple completely changed how we interact with our photos by adding the ground-breaking Visual Look Up function. Users are now able to learn more about the numerous objects they photograph and obtain new perspectives thanks to this amazing technology. The ability to search for recipes based on the culinary delights recorded in your Photos library is an intriguing innovation that Apple has added to take this functionality to the next level.

By utilising the power of cutting-edge picture recognition technology, Visual Look Up enables you to discover a broad variety of mouthwatering culinary masterpieces that are strikingly similar to the foods you’ve taken. Simply take a picture of your favourite food, whether it’s a juicy steak, a scrumptious pasta dish, or a decadent dessert, and Visual Look Up will do the rest, directing you to a multitude of recipes that suit your tastes.

Enhanced Communication Safety: Carefully Guarding Your Online Interactions

With the most recent iOS release, Apple has increased the accessibility of their ground-breaking Communication Safety feature as part of their commitment to maintaining a safe and secure online environment. This powerful safeguard against explicit content, which was previously only accessible in a few parts of the ecosystem, is now expanding to cover different aspects of your Apple experience.

The scope of Communication Safety has significantly expanded to include critical features like AirDrop, the photo picker, FaceTime communications, the new Contact Posters function, and even certain third-party applications. This extensive extension highlights Apple’s dedication to strengthening their warning system against objectionable visual content, ensuring that consumers may interact with their devices without worry.

Privacy Improvements: Giving Users Unparalleled Control

Apple has revealed a number of new updates for the iOS ecosystem as part of their ongoing commitment to protecting user privacy. One of these improvements allows you to share specific photographs from within an app while keeping the rest of your photographs library’s contents private. Users can use this tool to control the visual content they post, giving them the option to decide what to publish while maintaining the highest level of privacy for the remainder of their priceless memories. Apple has explained the intricacies of this upgrade, further separating its functioning, even though it is identical in nature to a feature first released in iOS 14—a sign of their unwavering dedication to customer privacy.

Apple calendar app supports third party software

Additionally, Apple has made it possible for third-party software to be integrated with the Apple Calendar app. Without knowing the specifics of the calendar, this interface enables developers to add events to the calendar in an effortless manner. Apple once again demonstrates their commitment to protecting user data while developing a connected digital ecosystem by upholding the sacredness of individual schedules.

Lockdown Mode IN iOS 17, iPadOS

Apple has expanded the use of Lockdown Mode, allowing users to activate an ultra-private mode across all of their devices, including the Apple Watch, to take privacy to a completely new level. With this all-encompassing approach to privacy, you can have the peace of mind you need in a world that is becoming more connected while knowing that your personal information is safe and hidden from prying eyes.


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