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Grab the Ultimate Deal: Meta’s Quest 2 Drops to Unbeatable Price Amid Quest 3 Hype



Quest 2
Meta Quest 2

Starting June 4th, the Quest 2 is set to experience an epic price plunge.

Meta, the company behind the popular virtual reality (VR) headset Oculus Quest 2, has made an exciting announcement that has VR enthusiasts buzzing with anticipation. With the recent unveiling of the Meta Quest 3 by Mark Zuckerberg, now is an opportune time to consider purchasing an Oculus Quest 2.

In conjunction with the Quest 3 reveal, Meta has revealed its plans to lower the price of the Oculus Quest 2 starting from June 4. This price drop is sure to capture the attention of prospective buyers, as it presents a significant saving compared to the previous cost prior to the August 2022 price increase. The 128GB model, for instance, will be available for £299.99, the same price it was before the aforementioned price hike. Additionally, the 256GB variant will see a reduction of £50, with a new price of £349.99. It is worth noting that in Australia, the prices will be AU$509.99 and AU$589.99 respectively, which, despite the price reduction, remain slightly higher than the pre-price hike figures.

Oculus Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro to receive updates.

Moreover, Meta has also revealed plans to enhance the performance of both the Oculus Quest 2 and the upcoming Meta Quest Pro through a software update. In a press release, Meta stated that the upcoming update will bring notable improvements to the CPU and GPU performance of the headsets. Users can expect an impressive increase of up to 26% in CPU performance, allowing for smoother and more efficient processing. The GPU, on the other hand, will receive a boost of up to 19% in speed, resulting in enhanced visuals and an even more immersive VR experience for users of both headsets.

With these enticing updates and the impending price drop, the Oculus Quest 2 has become an even more compelling choice for those seeking to explore the world of virtual reality. The increased performance and improved visuals promise to deliver an engaging and immersive VR experience, making this an ideal time to dive into the exciting realm of VR gaming and entertainment.

Although the precise methodology for Meta’s upcoming improvements is still somewhat hazy, it is assumed that the company will use some sort of operating system optimisation to free up computational resources for fluid gameplay while giving gaming tasks priority over background operations.

You might now be considering if it will be worthwhile to hold off till Meta Quest 3 is released. Even if we keep praising the current Quest 2 headset, the new Quest 3 looks like it will offer considerable value for the money. Naturally, the price will be a little more, with the entry-level model starting at $499, £499, or AU$829. However, Meta has emphasised that this new version would be their “most powerful headset yet,” with a 40% thinner design and twice the graphical performance of the Quest 2.

Mets Quest 3: Release Date

There is a lot of excitement among fans of virtual reality about the imminent release of Meta’s Quest 3. The Quest 3 is expected to be introduced on September 27 and released sometime in the autumn (between September and November), promising consumers an exceptional gaming experience. The Quest 3 is positioned to become a highly sought-after headset by giving players entire access to the enormous game library already present on the Quest 2, which features a wealth of excellent VR titles.

Should you wait for Quest 3 or buy the Quest 2 steal deal?

We strongly advise delaying your purchase if you have the patience to wait for the Quest 3 and the funds to spend a little bit more on a more expensive headset. The Quest 3 is anticipated to offer better performance and features than its predecessor, making it a worthwhile purchase for VR aficionados and ardent gamers.

However, the Quest 2 is a superb choice for individuals with financial restrictions who are ready to immediately enter the world of VR. The Quest 2’s price of $299.99, £299.99, or AU$509.99 represents an amazing deal. There is no better deal available in the current VR industry when taking into account the features and capabilities it provides at such a low price point.

It would be a good idea to keep up with the most recent advancements whether you have already decided to get a Meta Quest headset or are still debating the idea. The interesting announcements that will be made at the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2023 are expected to improve your VR experience with the newly purchased headset. These insights may also encourage you to investigate the metaverse, Meta’s concept of a virtual community with a wealth of opportunities for immersive interactions and enjoyment.


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