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The Google Pixel Tablet is set to rival iPad with upcoming brand-new Stylus and Keyboard Accessories



Pixel Tablet

Google Pixel Tablet attempts to mimic iPad even more closely, introduces accessories after the launch of tablet.

The Google Pixel Tablet shares some similarities with the iPad, particularly the iPad 10.9 (2022), as both devices fall within the mid-range category and boast similar screen sizes. However, it appears that the gap between them may soon narrow even further.

Renowned leaker @Za_Raczke, as reported by Phone Arena, has provided intriguing information about Google’s upcoming developments. According to the leak, Google is actively working on a ‘Stylus for Pixel Tablet’ and a ‘Keyboard for Pixel Tablet.’ These leaked names suggest that these accessories might be launched under these monikers.
@Za_Raczke’s tweet further clarifies that these accessories are currently in the development phase. However, there is no concrete indication of when these accessories will ultimately hit the market. As a result, enthusiasts and potential buyers eagerly await further updates on these exciting additions to the Google Pixel Tablet lineup.

More evidence that Stylus and Keyboard are coming.

Also, in a series of intriguing tweets, renowned Google Hardware leaker Kamila Wojciechowska caught the attention of tech enthusiasts with her cryptic messages. In one tweet, she enigmatically mentioned “Styuls for Pixel Tablet,” and in another, she followed up with “Keyboard for Pixel Tablet.” While these tweets alone don’t serve as concrete evidence of the existence of these accessories, their unexpected nature piques our curiosity. It’s peculiar for Kamila to casually mention such details without offering any further insights. It’s possible that these tweets were merely casual musings, but something tells me there’s more to this story. When probed about the delays surrounding these accessories, Kamila responded.

It is critical to approach this material with caution because it’s possible that some of the goods now under development won’t ever be made available to the general public. Although the leaker in issue has previously given correct leaks, their reliability may not be as well-established as that of some others. Notably, Mishaal Rahman, who has a reputation for being trustworthy, agreed that the phrase “Android stylus” was mentioned in the Android source code. Rahman added, though, that it’s also possible that this is a product created only for internal testing.

A Significant Enhancement to an Impressive Tablet

Should Google introduce a keyboard and stylus for the Pixel Tablet, it would undeniably elevate its functionality for both productivity and creativity, essentially providing two additional features commonly found in iPads. Considering Google’s reputation, it is plausible that these accessories would be priced more affordably compared to Apple’s counterparts, although this remains speculative at present.

Regardless, these additions would prove to be valuable in any scenario. While our comprehensive review of the Pixel Tablet is still underway, our initial hands-on evaluation highlighted the absence of a keyboard folio as one of the primary concerns.

Nonetheless, our early impressions were predominantly positive. We commended its versatility, as it seamlessly transitions between a tablet and a smart display, and we also appreciated its competitive pricing. Consequently, the inclusion of a keyboard and stylus could potentially transform an already impressive device into one of the top-tier tablets available in the market.


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