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The iPhone 15 Ultra features camera upgrades that stir up a turmoil of emotions for photographers.



iPhone 15 Ultra

How much Ultra is the iPhone Ultra Pro – the photographers are going to love the camera upgrades

In recent news, there have been rumours circulating about the potential camera upgrades for the upcoming iPhone Ultra. However, recent leaks suggest that these upgrades may go beyond just a telephoto camera with a variable zoom lens. Renowned Apple tipster, Ice Universe, has revealed that the iPhone 15 Ultra is expected to incorporate Sony’s new IMX903 48MP sensor, which boasts a sensor size of 1/1.14 inches. If this turns out to be true, this would make the iPhone 15 Ultra the first iPhone ever to feature such a sizable camera sensor. In comparison, the current iPhone 14 Pro Max already uses Sony’s impressive IMX803 48MP sensor, which has a smaller sensor size of 1/1.28 inches. With a larger sensor size, the iPhone 15 Ultra could potentially capture more light and retain greater detail, making it a game-changer in the world of smartphone photography.

iPhone 15 Ultra is different

Ice Universe has pointed out that while 1/1.14-inch sensors on the iPhone 15 Ultra may not be identical to 1-inch sensors used in dedicated photography phones like the Xiaomi 12S Ultra and Sony Xperia Pro-I, the difference in size is expected to be negligible. In fact, the specifications of the IMX903 for the iPhone 15 Ultra are expected to be similar to those of 1-inch sensors. This could mean that Apple will soon join the exclusive 1-inch club, which is an exciting prospect for photography enthusiasts.

The a5 Ultra is likely to give the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra a run for its money in the camera department. The phone’s impressive 48MP sensor and periscopic zoom lens will make it a formidable competitor in its own right. Moreover, at an estimated price of around $1,199 / £1,309 / AU$2,099, the iPhone 15 Ultra could provide a more affordable alternative to expensive standalone cameras that typically cost upwards of $2,500 / $2,000 / AU$3,700. However, this could also pose a challenge for traditional photographers who may face serious competition from this powerful device.

The zoom lens

The mirrorless cameras still outperform the iPhone Ultra’s rumored 1/1.14in chip in terms of sensor size. However, Apple’s computational processing will help bridge the gap. With a larger sensor, the algorithms have access to more light and information, making it especially useful for the Ultra’s periscope zoom lens, known for having dark apertures.

As an avid photographer, I’m faced with a dilemma due to the Ultra’s impressive upgrades. It may be a tough choice between investing in the flagship model or holding out for next year’s iPhone 16 Pro with a periscope zoom.

More specs

Regarding the upcoming iPhone 15 Ultra, unofficial renders have suggested that the device will feature a USB-C port, a slightly flatter camera bump, and a more curved chassis than the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Additionally, there are rumours that the phone may be constructed with titanium instead of the stainless steel typically used by current iPhones, as it is stronger and lighter.

There has also been speculation about solid-state volume and power buttons on the iPhone 15 Ultra, but analysts Jeff Pu and Ming-Chi Kuo have recently contradicted these claims. Despite this, other leakers still believe that the phone will have solid-state buttons, which would use vibrations to create the sensation of being touched.

Although both the iPhone Ultra and the iPhone 15 Pro will be equipped with the same A17 Bionic processor, sources suggest that the former will be more powerful. In fact, some reports indicate that the software on the Ultra will not limit its performance as much as on the Pro model.

We will continue to monitor the latest iPhone 15 Ultra rumours as they become available, so keep an eye on Futurfeed for further updates on what to expect from Apple’s forthcoming flagship device.


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