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4 huge new eagerly awaited updates for PS5 that you can use right now!



PS5 users can now participate in Discord voice calls, record gameplay clips with their voices, enable Variable Refresh Rate, give voice commands and more.

A fresh PS5 update from Sony features the eagerly awaited Discord integration. PS5 owners can now join Discord calls on their consoles thanks to version 7 of the PS5 software, which is also available for all PS5 consoles. Version 7 also brings improvements to 1440p resolution, data transfer between PS5 consoles, and a new feature that lets you record gameplay audio using your voice.

With the upcoming integration of the Discord app on PS5, players will have the ability to seamlessly transfer their Discord voice chats from their mobile or PC to their console. This feature, which is similar to the Discord support initially launched on Xbox by Microsoft last year, will enable PS5 users to communicate with their friends on Discord while gaming on their console. However, it’s important to note that this integration doesn’t provide direct access to Discord servers or other functionalities on PS5, requiring the use of a mobile device or PC to transfer the call.

The Discord integration, though, is elegant. Once a call has been transmitted, your friends from Xbox, PC, and other platforms can join it, and it remains on the PS5 dashboard like a party in a different app until you end the connection. Currently, only voice calls may be made, thus you won’t be able to read any Discord chat messages, stream your console screen to the call, or watch streams from other Discord users.

Discord integration is a fantastic addition to cross-play because it enables PS5 players to communicate with Xbox and PC players without relying on in-game chat tools. Last year, Microsoft enhanced its own Discord integration for Xbox, enabling Xbox owners to join voice channels directly from a console without using a phone or Desktop.

Looking ahead, it’s possible that Sony will follow suit and incorporate a similar feature for PS5 in the coming months, further enhancing the cross-platform gaming experience.

The 1440p mode on the PS5 also receives massive upgrades with this release. According to Sony, 1440p has been expanded, and Variable Refresh Rate has been enabled for 1440p to improve the game’s visual performance. If your monitor wasn’t included in the initial 1440p rollout, more modes and HDMI devices are now supported, so it might just work now.

With this latest version, Sony is enhancing its voice command functionality. “Hey PlayStation, capture that!” is a new command that allows PS5 owners in the US and UK to record a video of their gaming. You can even use commands like “catch the last 5 minutes” to get specially timed footage.

In the PS5 dashboard, Sony is also enhancing the social features of the share screen feature and party chats. A new “friends who play” tile is now visible, allowing you to know which friends are presently playing a game. Also, Sony is making it simpler for PS5 games to read and load PS4 saved data. The ability to use a local Wi-Fi or LAN connection to transfer files and games across PS5 systems has also been improved.


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