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Grand Theft Auto V makes a grand return on Xbox Game Pass after 3 years.



Grand Theft Auto V is back to Xbox Game pass
Grand Theft Auto V

The open-world crime game Grand Theft Auto V is coming to Xbox game pass in July’s monthly games.

Grand Theft Auto V, a highly popular video game recognized among the best-selling titles in history, has made a triumphant return to Xbox Game Pass. In the latest wave of additions to this gaming service, subscribers can now enjoy the immersive experience of Grand Theft Auto V on various platforms, including console (Xbox One and Series X/S) as well as the cloud. It should be noted that the availability of the game on Xbox Game Pass has been sporadic in the past, leaving uncertainty as to its duration this time around.

Will Grand Theft Auto V say this time?

Grand Theft Auto V has once again made its way onto Microsoft’s game subscription service, marking its third appearance since its initial release on the platform in April 2020. However, its journey on Xbox Game Pass has been a somewhat tumultuous. Shortly after its debut, the game was temporarily withdrawn, making room for the acclaimed Red Dead Redemption 2. It later made a triumphant comeback in April 2021, accompanied by the added feature of Xbox Cloud Gaming support. Alas, this return was short-lived, as Grand Theft Auto V was once again taken off the service in August of the same year.

For those who have yet to experience the enthralling world of GTAV since its initial release in 2013, which has since undergone updates to cater to multiple console generations, the inclusion of the game on Xbox Game Pass presents a prime opportunity to embark on a captivating playthrough. Whether indulging in the single-player storyline or exploring the dynamic online component, subscribers can now delve into the rich and immersive gameplay that GTAV has to offer.

What’s the Game about:

Immerse yourself in Grand Theft Auto V and its compelling story, which follows the intertwining lives of a youthful street hustler, a retired bank robber, and a threatening psychopath as they navigate the dangerous worlds of organised crime, the US government, and the entertainment industry. These unusual companions are forced to carry out a series of devious heists to ensure their survival in a competitive city where they cannot afford to put their trust in others. Players can now experience this gripping game on both the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X|S thanks to its inclusion on Xbox Game Pass, entering a world where betrayal lurks around every corner.

Xbox Game Pass continues to expand its extensive library by introducing a diverse array of new games throughout the month of July. Among the exciting titles joining the platform are Bramble, The Book Walker, F.I.S.T, and NFS Unbound, to name just a few. However, as the service evolves and grows, it is natural that certain games will also be phased out. As of June 30, several games, including DJMax Respect V, Empire of Sin, Matchpoint, Olija, Omori, and Road 96, bid farewell to Xbox Game Pass, no longer available for subscribers. To provide clarity, the upcoming games that will soon depart from the subscription service have also been disclosed.


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