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TikTok requires creators to have 10000 followers and videos longer than a minute to qualify for new creators fund.




TikToks new monetization program requires you to have at least 10,000 followers and 100,000 video views in the last month.

With its user base growing and the ongoing addition of new features, TikTok has emerged as a revolutionary social media platform in recent years. The TikTok creator fund, which was updated in February of this year, is one of the most talked-about features of the app. This programme, which currently accepts more users, provides well-known users with financial rewards for their material.

TikTok today announced that all qualified producers can now access its updated content monetization programme. The Creativity Programme Beta, an invitation-only programme that pays more and “unlocks more exciting, real-world opportunities,” was introduced in February. US creators who are 18 or older and have 10,000 or more followers as well as 100,000 recent views on their videos are now eligible.

TikTok opens Creativity Programme to all

The Creativity Programme was previously invite-only, but it is now becoming accessible to all. The initiative is in line with the original TikTok creator fund, which promised to give $1 billion over three yearss to platform content creators. Users must meet specific criteria in order to be eligible for remuneration under the Creativity Programme.

The requirement for longer videos is one significant distinction between the redesigned fund and its predecessor. In order to be eligible for reward, creators must now produce videos that are longer than a minute. This change in emphasis shows that TikTok wants to boost viewers’ interest in longer-form content while also encouraging producers to push the envelope and try out novel means of self-expression.

Users must have at least 10,000 followers and 100,000 genuine views on their videos in the past 30 days in addition to the video length limit in order to qualify for payout. These standards guarantee that the fund’s funding is used to encourage the creation of high-quality material and that only the most active and interesting authors are rewarded for their work.

What happens to the TikTok Original creator fund?

The future of TikTok’s original creator fund remains uncertain as the three-year mark draws near and the new program continues to expand. While TikTok has stated that creators enrolled in the original fund have the option to transition to the Creativity Program, there will be no opportunity to switch back.

Despite the initial promise of a large financial pool, many TikTok creators have reported low earnings through the original fund, with even highly viral videos yielding only a few dollars. In response, the social media giant has launched the new fund, boasting that it will generate greater revenue potential for participants. However, specific figures have yet to be released.

TikTok says anyone entering the Creativity Program Beta can’t return to the Creator Fund, the previous monetization system launched in 2020 with an initial $200 million commitment (and a later promise to grow it to $1 billion over three years). Nonetheless the TikTok’s creator fund is a huge assistance for the platform’s content creators, and the Creativity Program’s expanded availability should enable more users to monetize their output. TikTok is making it plain to its users that high-quality content is king, and that the platform is prepared to invest in it by rewarding longer videos and strong engagement.


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