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Twitch introduces a clip editor that lets you trim and edit your videos and two other big features straight from snapchat playbook.



Twitch introduces clip editor and discovery feed

Twitch announced discovery feed and short form videos feature at its TwitchCon Paris event.

Twitch, the popular streaming platform, unveiled a range of exciting enhancements during its highly anticipated TwitchCon Paris event. These updates aim to further empower creators and provide viewers with a more immersive and personalized experience. In a recent blog post, the company announced the introduction of new features to its Clip Editor, including an enhanced trimming functionality and the ability to grant access to video editors.

Recognizing the growing importance of mobile accessibility, Twitch is extending the Clip Editor to mobile devices, allowing content creators to conveniently edit their clips on the go. This development opens up new avenues for streamers to curate and refine their content, fostering creativity and ensuring a seamless editing experience across platforms.

Moreover, Twitch unveiled the upcoming Discovery Feed, a revolutionary addition to the platform. This feature will be seamlessly integrated into the app and will present users with a captivating scrollable feed tailored to their preferences. This personalized mix of Clips enables viewers to explore captivating content from a diverse range of streamers, irrespective of whether they are currently live or offline.

Clip editing tool

Twitch’s dedication to improving its Clips feature stems from its commitment to facilitating channel discovery for streamers. By amplifying the visibility of clips, the platform aims to attract more viewers and foster stronger connections between creators and their communities. This investment in enhancing the discovery process is a testament to Twitch’s unwavering dedication to supporting its vibrant and ever-growing ecosystem of content creators.

The Clip Editor, now available on mobile, empowers creators with enhanced editing capabilities and greater flexibility. Additionally, the forthcoming Discovery Feed revolutionizes content exploration, enabling viewers to discover captivating clips and forge connections with streamers, whether they are broadcasting live or not.

In a move set to enhance user engagement, Twitch has announced several exciting features scheduled for release in August. Notably, users will soon have the ability to designate Clips as featured content directly from their Creator Dashboard, granting them greater control over highlighting their most compelling moments.

Stories on twitch

Taking inspiration from the popular ‘stories’ format, Twitch is introducing a similar feature to facilitate seamless communication between creators and their communities. This new functionality will enable users to share updates and connect with their audience reliably, whenever they desire. By embracing this interactive storytelling element, Twitch aims to foster a sense of authenticity and immediacy, further strengthening the bond between streamers and their dedicated viewers.

Additionally, Twitch has announced the forthcoming introduction of ‘streaming together’ on its Guest Star feature. This highly anticipated development will enable content creators to collaborate and co-stream with others, creating a more dynamic and interactive streaming experience. By embracing the power of collective content creation, Twitch empowers creators to join forces and provide their audiences with unique and captivating collaborative streams.

Chat countdown timer

“To give you more control, we’re introducing the chat countdown timer. This optional feature will show streamers precisely when an ad is coming up, with options to snooze or pull ahead,” the company added.

In a recent leadership transition, Emmett Shear, the long-standing CEO of Twitch, has announced his departure with immediate effect after an impressive 16 years at the helm. Stepping into this esteemed position is Dan Clancy, the current President of Twitch. This leadership change marks a significant moment for the company, as it navigates the next phase of its growth and continues to innovate within the ever-evolving streaming landscape.


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