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Uber ventures into air travel with launch of flight bookings in UK, eyeing global expansion later.



Uber takes air flights in UK

Uber UK takes to the skies with flight booking trial, the ride sharing app can now be used to book national and international flights in UK.

With the announcement of a partnership with Hopper, a well-known Canadian travel agency, Uber is once more broadening its offerings and setting new standards in the travel sector. With this move, Uber will provide its UK customers with a new feature that will enable them to instantly book domestic and international flights using the ride-sharing app, making overseas travel simpler than ever.

Uber has already begun testing the new flight booking tool with a small number of its UK customers, and it is scheduled to go nationwide in the coming weeks. This is a part of Uber’s larger initiatives to penetrate additional travel markets and develop a thorough travel “super app” that will enable customers to arrange all of their travel requirements in a single location.

According to Andrew Brem, General Manager of Uber in the UK, this most recent action is the company’s most daring step towards achieving this objective. The new airline booking tool, he continued, is just one element of Uber’s strategy to provide a whole range of travel services, including lodging, car rentals, and more.

Hopper partners with Uber

Uber is able to give its consumers access to a greater variety of flights and locations through its partnership with Hopper and benefit from Hopper’s knowledge of the travel sector. Hopper is the ideal partner for Uber’s entry into the travel sector because of its user-friendly design and dedication to finding the best rates for its consumers.

In recent years, Uber has developed into a multi-modal transportation network, going beyond merely ride-hailing services. To give its passengers a variety of travel alternatives in the UK, Uber has worked with a number of transport companies, including Eurostar, Thames Clippers, Omio, National Rail, National Express, and Megabus. Customers can now easily plan and book their entire journey in one spot thanks to these collaborations, which have made it possible for Uber users to effortlessly book trains, boats, and buses through the Uber app.

Uber as a single travelling interface

Jamie Brem, Uber’s Head of Transit for EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa), claims that Uber users in the UK have a special fondness for making train reservations.

In fact, Brem claims that since introducing the train booking function in August of last year, the number of bookings has climbed by an astounding 40% per month. This shows that there is a rising need for integrated travel solutions that enable users to plan and book every aspect of their trip from a single interface.

Brem did not disclose how many tickets have been sold through the service, making it unclear. However, the service’s popularity in such a short period of time demonstrates that Uber made a wise decision by entering the transportation sector.. Uber has been able to give its consumers additional options and flexibility when it comes to going from point A to point B by collaborating with recognized transportation companies.

How can UK customers book flight?

According to Hopper, Uber customers can easily book their flights by providing their travel details, destination, and travel dates on the app, just like any other travel platform. In addition, users can choose and pay for their seats directly within the Uber app for major airlines. The Financial Times has reported that Uber will receive a small commission on each flight sale, and may also add an additional fee to flight bookings in the future. By encouraging users to book other travel arrangements through the Uber app, the company’s ride-sharing business could benefit, particularly since 40 percent of Uber trips in the UK begin or end around transportation hubs, such as train stations, and airport trips account for 15 percent of its total gross bookings.

Why UK for the trail?

The UK features a state-of-the-art public transit system that continuously draws Uber’s interest, making it one of its most significant non-US markets. The ride-hailing behemoth has its eyes set on using the UK as a testing ground for its growth into other travel markets in an effort to expand its products.

The UK was one of the first nations to introduce in-app public transportation schedules and directions in 2019, giving customers a simple and easy way to plan their travels from beginning to end. The launch of these features in the UK was a definite statement by the company that it intended to expand beyond ride-hailing services.

Uber’s regional general manager for Northern and Eastern Europe, Jamie Heywood, believes that the UK market offers the company a great chance to grow into other travel-related services like flights. Heywood adds that the company has no concrete plans for any future expansion but that it is continually striving to “build its core business” and to “deliver more services” to its clients.

Uber has had to reassess its strategy in light of the difficulties posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, putting a stronger emphasis on building its core business and safeguarding the safety and wellness of its users and drivers. The business still dedicates itself to seeking out new opportunities for growth and expansion, and they have set the UK as a key market, despite this. UK is a desirable target for Uber’s expansion plans due to its highly developed transportation infrastructure, tech-savvy populace, and demand for new and creative services. Focusing on the client experience and innovation has been key to the company’s success in the nation so far, and it’s likely that this will continue as it looks for new opportunities for expansion and diversification.


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