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What makes Instagram Threads a better place than Twitter? – A thread



Instagram Threads
Instagram Threads

Know what sets Threads apart from twitter even when it looks exactly like Twitter.

Threads exhibits remarkable similarities to Twitter in several significant aspects. Within the app’s primary feed, users see text based posts referred to as “threads”. These threads are sourced from accounts that the user follows, alongside recommendations generated by Instagram’s algorithm. Importantly, users have the ability to share posts while adding their own commentary, and replies to these posts are prominently displayed in the main feed. It is worth noting that, currently, Threads does not include a dedicated feed exclusively featuring content from followed accounts, although there are other lots of features that make it more desirable than Twitter.

Sanity and Predictability

Meta has recently introduced Threads, a dedicated platform aimed at competing with Twitter. Notably, Threads utilizes Instagram’s account system as its foundation. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, acknowledges that the opportunity to enter the competition arose due to Twitter’s perceived “volatility” and “unpredictability” under the leadership of Elon Musk. In an interview, Mosseri explicitly states that new app is strategically designed to foster “public conversations,” a clear allusion to the long-standing objective articulated by Twitter executives in defining the purpose of their own service.

No advertisements

In the app, users have the freedom to create posts with a maximum limit of 500 characters, accompanied by captivating photos or videos that can extend up to five minutes in duration. Notably, as of now, the platform does not feature any advertisements. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, humorously refers to the potential inclusion of ads as a “champagne problem,” indicating that it will only become a consideration if Threads attains a significant level of popularity and user base.

Threads gives better reach and instant followership

Thanks to the close integration between Threads and Instagram, users can seamlessly and efficiently share their Thread posts to their Instagram story or feed. Furthermore, there is a convenient feature that allows sharing of links to Threads posts on various external applications. This feature is particularly valuable as Instagram endeavors to establish Threads as a prominent platform on its own, gradually expanding its reach and user base. Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s head, anticipates that this capability will be instrumental in propelling the platform towards wider recognition and adoption.
Also Meta has made the onboarding process easier by letting you auto-populate your account info and follow list from your Instagram, which anyone is able to do quickly after being granted access to Threads.

No Paid verification

Additionally, Threads does not employ a paid verification system that grants users access to enhanced features. However, it is important to highlight that verified accounts on Instagram will carry over their verification status to the app. It is essential to mention that, based on internal documents I have reviewed, moderation measures implemented by Meta (the parent company of Instagram) against a Threads account will generally not have any direct repercussions on the associated Instagram account, except in cases involving severe violations such as the distribution of child exploitation material.

The Instagram head, Adam Mosseri emphasizes that his aim is not to eliminate Twitter’s prominence or achieve the massive user base of Instagram, which exceeds 1 billion users. Rather than focusing solely on the number of users, Mosseri places greater importance on whether Threads can achieve cultural relevance. While he acknowledges the desirability of substantial growth, Mosseri’s primary objective lies in cultivating a platform that resonates with the cultural fabric and societal conversations, rather than merely amassing hundreds of millions of users.


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