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WhatsApp will soon allow businesses to send personalized messages, but it comes with a price.



Whatsapp personalized messages

WhatsApp Business Introduces ‘Click-to-WhatsApp’ Ads to expand Ad Creation beyond Facebook accounts

Meta aims to leverage the considerable user base of WhatsApp Business, which has grown from 50 million users in 2020 to a staggering 200 million users. In an effort to further monetize the platform, Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, plans to introduce new features that allow users to generate ads without requiring a Facebook account.

The introduction of “click-to-WhatsApp” ads has proven to be a lucrative revenue stream for the messaging platform. Building on this success, Meta is now seeking to expand this functionality, enabling users to create ads directly within WhatsApp Business, eliminating the need for a Facebook account.

Meta’s rigorous efforts towards one-point monetization

Moreover, the forthcoming updates to WhatsApp Business will empower companies to develop advertisements not only for WhatsApp but also for Facebook and Instagram. This integration will provide businesses with a seamless and efficient process, as they can now create ads for multiple platforms from a single application.

By integrating ad creation capabilities and expanding beyond the confines of a Facebook account, Meta’s WhatsApp Business aims to empower businesses with enhanced advertising opportunities while streamlining the process of creating and managing ads across various platforms.

Amidst Meta’s unwavering dedication to artificial intelligence and the metaverse, establishing a diverse range of revenue channels becomes imperative for long-term viability. Given the remarkable surge in WhatsApp Business users, it becomes an obvious strategic move to explore enhanced monetization opportunities from both small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and larger enterprises.

Now send personalized message to your customer through WhatsApp Business

The messaging app is undergoing significant updates and adding features that will introduce personalized messaging capabilities to its users. This update will enable the platform to automatically generate messages tailored to individual customers, serving various purposes such as notifying them about upcoming appointments or promoting new products and sales for ecommerce businesses.

These forthcoming changes mark a noteworthy transformation for the company, driven by the ambition of CEO Mark Zuckerberg to further monetize Meta’s messaging platforms, which include WhatsApp and Messenger. By leveraging the potential of personalized messaging, Meta aims to maximize its revenue streams and capitalize on the immense user base of its messaging apps.

While specific pricing details have yet to be disclosed by the company, it is anticipated that the new features will undergo rigorous testing in the near future before being fully released, most likely later this year. These testing phases will allow Meta to fine-tune the functionality and ensure a seamless user experience before making the updates available to a wider audience.


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