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WhatsApp empowers users with ‘Edit Message’ feature in a move to join Telegram and Signal. Users can now edit message within 15-minutes.



WhatsApp edit feature

The feature will roll out globally in the coming weeks giving senders the power to modify their messages within 15-minutes after having hit the send button.

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app owned by Meta Platforms Inc, has recently introduced a new feature that will enable users to edit their messages in an attempt to improve the user experience for its vast user base of 2 billion people worldwide.

To access the function, simply perform a long-press on the message and select the option ‘edit’ from the dropdown menu. After making the desired modifications, the message will be marked with the label ‘edited’ without displaying any edit history.

 In a move to align itself with competitors such as Telegram and Signal, WhatsApp will now allow its users to edit their messages, giving them greater control over their conversations. has introduced a new feature that will enable users to edit their messages. In a move to align itself with competitors such as Telegram and Signal, WhatsApp will now allow its users to edit their messages, giving them greater control over their conversations.

Edit will be open only for 15 minutes

The business says that within 15 minutes after sending a message, WhatsApp users will be able to edit it. It is important to note that the move by WhatsApp to allow message editing is a component of a larger plan by Meta Platforms Inc. to improve the user experience on all of its platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. By integrating this feature into WhatsApp, Meta intends to stay competitive and meet the changing demands of its user base.

The messaging service wrote in an official blog post, “WhatsApp now lets you edit your sent messages for those situations where you realise an error or simply wish to amend your message. We’re delighted to provide you more control over your discussions, whether it’s for the purpose of fixing a small errpr or typo to providing additional context.

Users only need to long-press on a sent message and choose the “Edit” option from the menu to make advantage of this capability. In the next weeks, it will be made available to WhatsApp’s 2 billion active users. Notably, India is the messaging service’s largest market, with 487 million users.

This new feature’s important component is maintaining transparency. WhatsApp makes certain that receivers are informed when a message has been modified by designating it as “edited.” This open strategy aids recipients in realising that the original message has undergone certain changes. However, the sender’s specific modifications will not be shown. Your communications and any revisions you make are encrypted end-to-end, just like all private calls, media, and texts.

WhatsApp is trying to Stay ahead in the Messaging Game

WhatsApp’s decision to introduce this feature follows in the footsteps of messaging services like Telegram and Signal, who have already embraced it.

It was actually Facebook, the pioneer in the social media realm, that introduced the edit function almost a decade ago.

During that period, Facebook acknowledged that a significant portion of its users accessed the platform through mobile phones, which are more prone to typographical errors.

On Facebook, whenever a post is modified, it is clearly marked as edited, ensuring transparency. Users also have access to a comprehensive edit history.

In a similar attempt, Twitter, the popular social media platform headed by Elon Musk, announced last year that its paying subscribers would be granted the ability to edit their tweets.

Within a 30-minute window after posting, users can make a few edits to their tweets. Twitter stated in a blog post, “We aim to create a more approachable and less stressful tweeting experience. Your participation in conversations should feel natural and effortless, and we will continue to develop features that embody this philosophy.”

The WhatsApp Buzz will continue

WhatsApp has been buzzing with activity, unveiling a series of updates within a remarkably short span of time. In the past week alone, the app introduced a Chat Lock feature, ensuring utmost privacy for your personal conversations, which proves especially handy when using a shared device. Prior to that, they addressed the issue of skewed poll results by implementing single-vote polls, preventing individuals from distorting the outcomes with multiple votes.

Looking ahead, it seems that Meta is gearing up to launch a convenient “password reminder feature for end-to-end encrypted backups,” as revealed in a recent announcement by WABetaInfo. This forthcoming update will prompt users to verify their password, guaranteeing uninterrupted access to their backups even if they forget their login credentials. Both Android and iOS users can anticipate the rollout of this feature in the next few weeks, further enhancing their backup experience.


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