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WhatsApp Multi-Phone Support is finally here – use one account across multiple phones.



Whatsapp can be accessed on multiple phones
Whatsapp can be used on multiple phones

Chat seamlessly from multiple phones using a single account with the new Whatsapp

WhatsApp has established itself as a dominant force in the world of instant messaging, and the company has been committed to improving its services even further. Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, has been working towards enabling multi-device usability for the app for a while now. Initially, WhatsApp introduced a web interface, followed by the capability to use accounts with secondary devices. The multi-device feature on WhatsApp has allowed users to use the same account on a primary device and up to four other linked devices. The latest development now permits users to include as many additional smartphones as they desire, giving them even greater flexibility and convenience.

For those unaware, WhatsApp had to undergo a complete overhaul of its underlying architecture to enable a smartphone to be one of the four linked devices per account. Until recently, even beta users were restricted to using just one smartphone as a linked device, aside from their primary handset. Some users have tried workarounds using the Companion mode designed for tablets, which have yielded decent results. Nevertheless, the removal of this limitation has been long-awaited and marks a significant milestone for WhatsApp.

Maximum devices that can be connected:

WhatsApp has recently removed the beta user restrictions, enabling stable channel users to benefit from the convenience of utilizing a single WhatsApp account on any combination of smartphones, computers, and Android tablets. However, there are still limitations: only a maximum of four devices can be linked, and iPads are not natively supported. Nevertheless, users can use a web login on an iPad browser as a workaround.

With the newly designed architecture, every linked device now communicates independently with WhatsApp servers to keep chats synchronized. It also means that your primary smartphone must come online at least once every 30 days to keep the linked devices functioning. However, Meta guarantees that end-to-end encryption remains available, no matter which device is used to access the account.

If you’re someone who frequently uses multiple smartphones, you’ll find the latest update from WhatsApp incredibly helpful. With the introduction of multi-device support, all of your smartphones can now access the same WhatsApp account, making it easier to manage your messages across different devices. Additionally, the new self-messaging feature allows you to transfer files between your linked devices, which can be particularly useful for those who work on the go.

Small businesses can also benefit greatly from this new update, as team members can now use the same WhatsApp Business account to tackle multiple customer queries at the same time. This can help streamline communication and make it easier to manage customer inquiries efficiently.

Linked phones may not work like primary device.

In addition, WhatsApp is introducing a new QR-free way to link new devices to your account in the coming weeks, which should make it even more convenient to use the multi-device feature. While multi-phone support is already being rolled out, it’s important to note that linked smartphones may not function exactly like the primary device. As with any new technology, there may be a learning curve, and users will need to adjust to the new WhatsApp experience and understand its limitations. Overall, this update is a step in the right direction for WhatsApp, and it will undoubtedly make life easier for many users.


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