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Will Sony astound gamers with a new PlayStation Handheld for flawless remote play?



Sony Playstation

Sony may amaze excited fans with a cloud-streaming handheld specifically designed for remote play- not a Vita successor.

A new report from Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson claims that Sony is developing a new handheld gaming device. However, for those hoping for a PlayStation Vita successor, it might not be what they expected.

According to Henderson, Sony’s new device codenamed “Q Lite,” is primarily designed to work with the Remote Play feature on the PlayStation 5. This feature allows gamers to stream games from their consoles over the internet. Although Remote Play can be used outside of the home, it seems that the Q Lite is not intended for cloud streaming. Therefore, it could be marketed primarily as a peripheral for PS4 and PS5 owners.

Believing the rumours, the Q Lite’s hardware will have an 8-inch LCD touchscreen with 1080p gaming at 60 frames per second. It will also come with adjustable triggers like those on the DualSense controller for the PS5.

Henderson speculates that Sony may unveil the device between the reported PS5 with a detachable disc drive in 2023 and the PS5 Pro, a different rumored PS5 hardware update, in late 2024, and that it must always remain connected to the internet while gaming.

It is yet to see how the gaming community will react to the Q Lite and its capabilities. Some may express disappointment due to its lack of native gameplay capabilities.

However, for those looking for a portable way to enjoy their PS5 games on the go, the Q Lite could prove to be a valuable addition to their gaming setup.

Rumoured Sony to Feature an 8-Inch Screen and Adaptive Triggers

The reported Q Lite console with an 8-inch screen and adaptive triggers seems like an interesting proposition, especially for those who share a TV with other family members. As someone who has faced this struggle myself, I recently delved into finding the most cost-effective solution for streaming PS5 games. While there are affordable controller options for phones available, playing console games on a small screen doesn’t appeal. Moreover, purchasing an expensive tablet like an iPad exclusively for streaming games didn’t seem like a practical solution either. As for the rumoured consoles, there hasn’t been any concrete evidence so far, so it’s best to take the Q Lite report with a grain of salt. Sony has not yet commented on the matter.

Affordability in Sony Handheld Gaming Devices:

Gamers in search of an affordable handheld device designed specifically for gaming may find themselves disappointed with the current offerings on the market. While the $399 Steam Deck has impressive hardware specs, the price point may feel steep for those primarily interested in streaming games rather than playing them natively. Additionally, other streaming-focused options like the $349.99 Logitech G Cloud or $359.99 Razer Edge don’t offer much of a price break.

While the rumours of the Sony Q Lite suggest a promising device with an 8-inch screen and adaptive triggers. However, if the price point ends up being in the same range as the Steam Deck, it may not be a viable option for budget-conscious gamers. The market still seems to have room for an affordable, streaming-focused handheld device that can meet the needs of gamers looking for a budget-friendly alternative to gaming on a TV or monitor.

Potential for Cross-Platform Support

Putting aside the matter of price, Sony undeniably possesses the hardware expertise necessary to craft a phenomenal gaming handheld. With an impressive track record of delivering two stellar handhelds, the Vita and the original PSP, as well as the remarkable DualSense controller, Sony has the ability to create a device with immensely satisfying controls. While I’m not necessarily willing to dish out Steam Deck-level prices for the rumoured Q Lite, I have much more confidence in Sony’s capabilities than I do in a company like Logitech.

However, one point of concern is whether Sony’s upcoming handheld would be confined solely to its own ecosystem. A device limited to streaming games using PS Remote Play would be restrictive, especially when handhelds like the Steam Deck offer access to everything from Microsoft Xbox Cloud Gaming to Steam Remote Play. Nevertheless, since Sony’s other accessories, such as the Pulse 3D headset and InZone gaming monitors, are cross-platform, it’s not entirely implausible that the Q Lite would also be open to rival services.

It’s unfortunate that there haven’t been any rumours of a true successor to the PlayStation Vita that includes full support for playing games natively. However, given the difficulties of juggling two very distinct consoles with their own unique game libraries, it’s understandable that Sony may choose to avoid splitting its focus in the future.


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