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3 new Upgrades to Windows 11 you can’t afford to miss and 1 controversial feature to watch out for.



Windows 11 new updates
Microsoft Windows 11 updates

Microsoft 11 upgrade is out with 3 latest features that you may like but one potential drawback can spoil the fun

Microsoft recently released the latest Windows 11 update, KB5025239, which comes with several new features and fixes. The update is mandatory, and all PCs will receive it eventually. Users can either manually install it through Windows Update or download it directly from Microsoft’s website. Failure to install the update manually will result in the automatic installation by Windows 11 at a later time. This update is important as it contains essential bug fixes and features that will enhance the performance of your PC. Windows 11’s KB5025239 update brings a lot to the table, with a host of features that users have been waiting for. However, there’s one addition that’s causing a stir. Keep reading for a rundown of my top three favourites and one that’s sure to divide opinion.

Top three new Features in Windows 11 KB5025239

1.The taskbar looks better:

The Windows 11 KB5025239 update brings some subtle changes to the taskbar that improve its overall look. One of the most significant changes is that when users set Windows 11 to dark mode and apps to light mode, the search box appears lighter, making it easier to use. Additionally, some users will get a new button that opens the new ChatGPT-powered Bing AI chat mode directly from the search box in the taskbar. However, the chat mode opens up in Microsoft Edge, regardless of the user’s default browser.

2. Accessibility Improvements:

Microsoft has made significant strides in enhancing the accessibility of its software and hardware products. The latest update, Windows 11 KB5025239, does not introduce any new accessibility features. Instead, it focuses on fixing and improving existing ones. One major improvement is the fix for a bug that caused PowerPoint to crash when using accessibility tools. Additionally, Microsoft Narrator, a text-to-speech tool, can now read out dropdown lists in Microsoft Excel.

3.Windows LAPS:

Another notable addition to Windows 11 is the inclusion of Windows LAPS (Local Administrator Password Solution), which has been highly sought after by system administrators in IT departments. This feature enables admins to manage passwords for local accounts on Windows devices, backup passwords to the cloud and provides password encryption and automatic password rotation for improved security. The integration of Windows LAPS into Windows 11 streamlines the setup and usage process for system administrators.

Spoiler Alert

In the latest Windows 11 KB5025239 update, there are some new features that may not be well-received by users. The Start menu now includes ads, which is the most disliked feature of this update. Despite the controversy, Microsoft has decided to proceed with adding advertisements to the Start menu. According to the change log, Microsoft has included “notifications for Microsoft accounts in the Start menu,” which are basically advertisements for Microsoft services. For instance, one notification prompts users to back up their files, and clicking on the button leads them to Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud backup service. While these ads may be acceptable for users already subscribed to Microsoft services, many consider them intrusive and a way for Microsoft to attract more people to sign up for its services.

Fortunately, this feature may not be out at large yet, as Microsoft has only introduced it to a small group of users. Nevertheless, the company intends to release it to a more extensive audience “in the coming months.” Microsoft claims to be collecting feedback on the feature and experimenting with various visual approaches, so users can hope that the company takes their comments into account.


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